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The authors Anderson catch the JavaFX wave

JavaFX, a development platform for creating rich Internet applications, was in the spotlight at the recent JavaOne Conference, and the timing was great for Gail and Paul Anderson. The first copies of their book, Essential JavaFX, had just arrived at the conference.

I talked to the Andersons shortly after Oracle CEO Larry Ellison had plugged JavaFX in the JavaOne opening keynote and they’d attended a packed-room JavaFX introductory session.

“We finished this book in record time, which is good considering the high level of interest in JavaFX we see here,” said Gail Anderson. “It was great to hear Larry Ellison praising it and see so many people in the session asking questions and showing so much enthusiasm.” Paul Anderson added: “There are six million Java developers, most of whom can benefit from using JavaFX to create RIAs.” In particular, he said, anyone – not just Java programmers – creating RIAs that are rich in graphics and multimedia content could simplify their projects by using JavaFX.

JavaFX is needed, they said, because other programming languages – such as AJAX – are code-based and not standardized. JavaFX, on the other hand, is a graphical tool that focuses more on visualization and a graphical approach to programming than on code. JavaFX is basically a scripting language built upon and fully integrated with the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). JavaFX applications will run on any desktop and browser that runs the JRE and on top of mobile phones running JavaME.

Let’s hear more about JavaFX from the Andersons themselves in this video excerpt from our interview.

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