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The changing role of the tester

This month we’ve explored automation throughout the application lifecycle, and our contributors have revealed that the role of the software tester is changing.

In his tip, Is automated testing replacing the software tester?, software consultant David Johnson discusses how both Agile methodologies and automation contribute to the changing responsibilities of the software tester.

Johnson says:

There are several forces responsible for the changing role of testers, at least for on-shore testing resources. These include:

  • Agile development techniques that integrate test automation into the development process.
  • Mature test automation tools that simplify test creation, automation and test execution.

In all cases the need for testing has not decreased, but the responsibility has shifted to either development (i.e. TDD) or functional test automation. In all cases the test resource model for traditional testers is significantly reduced, if not completely removed.

So what skills do traditional testers need to deal with this transition?

In a recent expert response, Lisa Crispin answers the question: What kind of automation skills should a tester have and what’s the best way to get them? Check out her advice on ways that test engineers can build their knowledge and skills with test automation.

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