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The complexities of developing Agile embedded software

Developing traditional software applications is difficult enough. Developing embedded software systems, applications that run on specialized devices, adds an additional layer of complication. In May, published a series of articles by contributor Howard Deiner aimed at describing Agile embedded software development, some of the challenges that come along with those efforts, and how those challenges are best overcome.

* The fallacy of one size fits all for Agile embedded development

In this tip, Agile consultant Howard Deiner describes how Agile software development can and should be done with the iteration cycles using emulators or virtualized hardware so that the benefits of Agile will still be obtained, regardless of the hardware cycle.

* Seven deadly sins of embedded software development

In this tip, consultant Howard Deiner looks at how each of the deadly sins might be committed in embedded software development and suggests that by practicing Agile, organizations can avoid the nine circles of Dante hell, and instead bring their organizations to a state of celestial bliss.

* Embedded software test: To simulate or emulate, that is the question

Understanding the differences between simulator and emulator embedded software development tools is critical to effectively using them with the Agile engineering best practices of test first development and continuous integration. This article dives into the issue and provides some suggestions to follow.

* The role of continuous integration in embedded software development — better, faster and cheaper

* The motivation behind continuous integration in embedded software development

In this two-part series of tips, Deiner describes the benefits of continuous integration in embedded software development. By understanding how to best implement continuous integration, organizations will lower their risks and produce higher-quality products with a quicker time-to-market.

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