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The new year will bring more ALM, Agile and embedded content

I started at TechTarget in January, 2010, so I am coming up on my first anniversary as site editor for I have learned more in this year about software quality than I did in the 27 previous years working at big corporations. I feel so lucky to be on the cutting edge of the latest tools, technologies and trends, as well as having the opportunities to interview authors and experts in the industry.
SSQ’s new assistant editor, Melanie Webb, highlights our top ten tips of 2010 in her recent post on the Software Quality Insights blog. Another highlight for me has been covering the conferences I’ve been able to attend, including Agile 2010, and the great leaders I’ve met at them. I’ve been especially interested in exploring distributed agile. Just last week we heard from SSQ contributor Chris McMahon on his experience working on a 100% distributed agile team.
As we prepare for the new year, I’m excited to see what we have in the works. We will be bringing you additional content about ALM, agile development, and embedded software quality, specifically addressing issues around large-scale application development.  I hope you’ll join me in learning about these topics and more at

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