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The people side of software development with Ken Howard and Barry Rogers

One of the many perks of my job as Site Editor for SSQ is that I often get the latest books on topics related to software quality or Agile practices. These are usually technical books — not the type you typically sit down and read cover to cover. However, Individuals and Interactions – An Agile Guide, by Ken Howard and Barry Rogers, is the exception.

I’ve always been interested in the people side of software development, and that’s what this book is all about. In fact, many of the principles described in the book are strong leadership practices that would apply for any team regardless of which software methodology was being used. Howard and Rogers explore the importance of strong leadership, communication, collaboration and teamwork using techniques such as self-directed teams and DISC analysis to understand communication styles.

So which would be more Agile? A military team with strong leadership and discipline or a Scrum team with a Scrum Master who imposes embarrassing penalties on team members? Find out what Howard and Rogers say in our two-part interview:

Agile Manifesto interpretations: The importance of individuals and interactions

Agile is a culture, not a process

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