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Top five software quality tips of the year

Check out’s most popular tips of 2008 — these top five tips for developers, QA testers, project managers and other software pros include indispensable expert advice on performance testing, software testing estimates and more. If you missed these great tips the first time around, don’t miss them now.

1. Cracking passwords the Web application way: Do you know how well your Web applications can stand up to authentication attacks? In this application security tip, Kevin Beaver, CISSP, lists some common Web app vulnerabilities and explains how to perform password cracking tests.

2. The ABC’s of software testing models: There are as many models for testing software as for developing software. Learn the basics of the common software testing models including waterfall-style, iterative-style and agile-style testing.

3. Testing for performance: Assess the problem space: Part one in a three-part series on performance testing, this tip explains how to assess the initial problem space before the first round of testing, including developing an understanding of your goals, how the systems will be used and other strategies.

4. What to include in a performance test plan: Find out what features a solid performance testing plan needs to include at a minimum, and how to reduce the likelihood of miscommunication.

5. How to estimate for testing on a new software project: How do you estimate for software testing on a brand-new project when you have no historical data for reference? Learn some methods in this tip.

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