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Top ten software quality tips of 2010

Many informative tips were published on in 2010. Here is a countdown of the most popular tips of the year:

10. Tutorial: Installing and running Selenium-RC in Perl

Used in conjunction with Selenium’s online tutorials, this tip provides additional guidance on how to start out with Selenium RC in Perl regardless of your platform or server. Once you have Selenium set up, learn how to create and run your first test.

9. Tutorial: Introducing Selenium IDE, an open source automation testing tool

Selenium, an open source automation testing tool, offers an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) plug-in that unifies the tool with desirable Web browser-based test features. Using Selenium IDE provides easy-to-use record and play back features, giving even those with no programming expertise, the capability to create simple scripts.

8.Security best practices for today’s Web 2.0 applications

Web 2.0 and Rich Internet applications, though great functionality-wise. can place many complications in the way of Web security. In this tip, a Web security expert explains where problems can occur and what free tools are available to avoid issues.

7. Testing Web services’ performance with soapUI

Learn how to write load tests, TestCases and run them with soapUI in this expert tutorial. SoapUI is great for tracking test criteria statistics and locating problem areas are.

6. Seven quick tips for better performance requirements

An expert tester explains seven useful tips for determining appropriate performance requirements that can be tested throughout the development cycle. Knowing the right conversations to have with stakeholders and project team members will lead to high-quality, quantifiable performance requirements.

5. Why use POST vs. GET to keep applications secure

Although POST and GET HTTP requests essentially perform the same command on a Web server, a security expert says there are inherent dangers in using one over the other. Learn why one type of processing request provides more security for your Web application in this expert tip.

4. Daily Scrum meetings: Must we really stand up?

Often called the daily stand-up, must everyone at the Daily Scrum meeting literally stand? Which rules are inflexible? How are the rules enforced? Find out the objectives of the Daily Scrum and how agile teams are operating to meet these objectives.

3. Agile software testing strategies for managers

How will agile testing methods be determined? What are the best testing tools? Learn what agile project managers need to know to assure high quality in their tests.

2. Waterfall or Agile? – Differences between predictive and adaptive software methodologies

Is your organization trying to decide whether to use a predictive methodology such as waterfall or an adaptive methodology such as scrum? Senior consultant David Johnson describes the history of software methodologies and the differences between these two models of software development. A hybrid approach combining aspects of both models may be a viable alternative as well.

1. What is a test case? What is a requirement?

After exploring the definition of a test case by surveying test experts, authors and students, consultant Robin Goldsmith learns that interpretations remain ambiguous and varied. Similarly, the level of detail thought to be needed to define requirements can vary and can often drive the level of detail of the test efforts.

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