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UC4 acquisition bolsters automated application release platform

With the acquisition of Austria-based Ventum Solutions, IT process automation vendor UC4 has added automated enterprise application release process software to its ONE Automation platform. The acquisition was announced today.

Application release is a key pain point for DevOps teams who are rolling out applications in enterprise, services, cloud and the many other diverse environments available today, said Clark, CMO of UC4 (Bellevue, WA), in our pre-announcement interview.

Adding Ventum’s release release planning and coordination capabilities to UC4’s deployment engine completes its central management and control capabilities. “We want to make sure organizations don’t have what they have today when rolling out applications,” Clark said, citing huge volumes of helpdesk calls that typically follow releases.

UC4’s goal with ONE Automation is to provide structure to DevOps processes. “The DevOps movement has real grass roots activity based on using open source tools,” said Clark. “But DevOps lacks an automation framework and engine and platform to make sure processes are scalable and implementable by operations in IT.”

Now integrated into ONE Automation, Ventum’s automated release management software bring features in the areas of application and component modeling, test environment scheduling, resource conflict identification and centralized approval processes.

Already integrated with UC4’s Application Release Automation, Ventum’s solution enables release managers to initiate a deployment using UC4’s automation engine from within Ventum’s UI. Tighter integration is currently being developed to provide even greater efficiencies and cost savings.

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