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Using VMware Lab Manager for application development, test troubleshooting

Virtualization and virtual lab management systems can cut application testing and QA times significantly, thus speeding development, GlassHouse consultant Rob Zylowski said in our interview at VMworld 2009 in San Francisco. Yet, he estimates that only about 10 percent of application development teams using virtual lab managers like VMware Lab Manager and VMLogix LabManager 3.8.

Most adopters of virtual lab management software are doing development, testing and QA in the data center to do system troubleshooting. “That’s a good use, but it’s not as powerful as taking virtual lab managers fully into the application development, test and QA departments,” Zylowski said.

The learning curve and developers’ resistance to giving up their in-department servers are two barriers to adoption, Zylowki said. Those barriers are insignificant when compared with the savings in development and testing time and reduction of team conflicts and repetitive work enabled by virtual lab managers.

A key value of virtual lab managers is the ability to take snapshots as developers code and quality assurance (QA) testing is done. “Systems like VMware Lab Manager give incredible power to developers to troubleshoot,” said Zylowski, director of virtualization services for Framingham, Mass.-based GlassHouse Technologies Inc.

Zylowsky talks about more issues related to and uses for tools like VMware Lab Manager in this video excerpt from our interview.

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