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We're not as automated as we think we are

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Test automation is not as far along as we’d thought, Agile and DevOps aren’t making software development easier and management is still everyone’s biggest problem.

Those are just some of the results of a survey done by software test company LogiGear. And this wasn’t just any survey — 10 years ago the company did exactly the same survey asking the same questions. So today’s results can be compared point by point with how testers were feeling 10 years. That is where things start to get really interesting.

“What was really surprising was that in general most things were the same,” said Michael Hackett, a senior vice president and co-founder of LogiGear. Case in point: the number one problem with testing automation today — and ten years ago — is that management doesn’t understand how it works. And then there’s the “have things gotten better since you started doing Agile?” question of ten years ago (where the answer was largely “no”) was updated to include DevOps this year and the answer was still largely “no,” Hackett said. Just 20% of testers said things were better. Automation’s not really moving forward either. A full 75% of testers said just 25% of their testing is automated; 20% said their company had no automated testing in place at all. “One in five said they had zero automation in 2017,” Hackett said. “It’s not going to be good when they finally wake up and want to make a digital transformation.”

So what’s the problem? Hackett’s explanation — that not enough attention is paid to all the important details — was interesting. “I think a lot of people have a bad definition of done,” he said. “They build up technical debt and that is turning in to a bigger problem then people thought. The concept of ‘release and fix it later’ really has a ripple effect with testers that really impacts their schedule.”

There is one bright spot though. Over the last ten years, companies have started to use ALM tools, and now everyone has access to test cases. No more using spreadsheets or word docs thanks to ALM.

But as for the rest…there is work to be done.