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Why we all need to take a deep breath

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Dave West, CEO of Scrum.org, is the perfect person to talk with when you feel the sky is falling.

We chatted a few weeks back, when it seemed that everything — in technology and in the world — was upside down. For starters, a just released survey from Harvey Nash showed technology was starting to “eat itself” and that large numbers of testers and even developers feared they might be automated out of a job in the next ten years.

Ok, that’s scary. But West’s take that this is more of a natural evolution than a disaster made sense to me. Skills are evolving and must continue to evolve but he couldn’t see a world without a testing function — even if it’s different than it is today — and his argument made sense. And as far as developers being automated out of work — about 47% of those surveyed by Harvey Nash said they were very worried about that — West pointed out that getting rid of the mundane developer tasks might improve productivity and creativity, something everyone should be happy about.

West remained upbeat, even when asked the “Is DevOps eating Agile/Scrum’s lunch?” question. Look in the original Agile manifesto and it will be clear that the whole idea of DevOps is already in there, and has been in there, West said. So really, no matter what you call DevOps, it’s, from his perspective, continuing the work already done by the Agile believers over the last ten years or so. And don’t count Scrum out, by any means, as it’s created the cultural and process foundation to speed up the entire software development process.

In other words, while things may feel a bit topsy turvy, Scrum, Agile, testers and developers aren’t really going away, at least in Dave West’s view of the world. I’m relaxing a little…what about you?