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uTest expands to security and localization testing through crowdsourced services

Today announced that it is expanding from its traditional focus on functional testing to include a suite of end-to-end testing services that encompass security testing and localization testing. SSQ spoke with uTest CMO Matt Johnston, who said that uTest customers had already begun to request different testing services, and with the unique model that uTest uses—one that involves 43,000 testers in 78 different countries— and careful preparation and training, they were positioned to officially expand into these new markets. Johnston explained:

“Too often ‘software testing’ is synonymous with ‘functional testing.’ But to create a truly great application, it’s not just functional quality, it is things like load and performance engineering, it’s certainly testing for security and privacy vulnerabilities… If you’re a big enterprise company that has an internationalized application, its localization testing, that this notion of software testing is actually bigger than making sure that an application works properly from a functional perspective.”

uTest’s security testing services offering will be powered by a partnership with Veracode, Inc., provider of the world’s only independent, cloud-based application risk management platform. Testing experts will be able to take advantage of Veracode’s cloud-based automated testing tools, performing code level security testing, and in turn, Veracode will be able to offer their customer uTest services.

In planning for this expansion, uTest tapped into their existing base of talented testers and recruited new professionals who can perform high-level security and localization testing. Customers will benefit from this service, which eliminates much of the cost associated with hiring outside consultants while also ensuring the expertise and experience of the testers brought on for particular types of software testing projects. Johnston said:

“What we found is that a lot of companies from enterprises down to small and medium businesses have QA departments; oftentimes they don’t have the specialized expertise around things like security audits, or usability testing, or load and performance engineering… With uTest they can go and access the person or persons who have that specialized expertise and they can do it on demand, so it really cuts down the friction and ultimately the total cost of things like security testing or load and performance engineering.”

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