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uTest releases new apps for the iPhone and iPad

Crowdsource test group uTest announced January 18th the release of a new mobile application for their customers and 30,000+ tester community. The application allows testers to use their iPhone or iPad to enter bugs, communicate with the uTest community and customers, accept invitations to projects, upload screenshots or videos and view their earnings.

As a member of the uTest community, I went ahead and downloaded the app to my iPhone, installed it, and in just a few short minutes was able to access my uTest account from my iPhone.

The new iOS apps were tested, of course, by the uTest community, the very group who had been asking for these apps. In this case, they had a vested interest in the application being user-friendly, as they were both testers and soon-to-be users.

Having just spoken with Arxan about the importance of security on mobile devices, I was particularly interested in security and testing on mobile applications. I spoke with uTest’s Matt Johnston, who said:

[We needed to consider both] security of customer’s data and tester’s data. We took every available precaution in working with our outside provider on this app. And of course, uTest tested the app to make sure it held up. So absolutely security was baked in from the beginning, from conception, through development, through testing. The other [security consideration] is IP protection. Again, we made sure the IP was secure for uTest, but more importantly, we made sure it’s a secure and private experience for testers and customers.

I wondered if uTest was thinking of entering the tools market, but Johnston said that at this time the tools are focused on catering to the needs of the testers and customers of uTest, allowing them to work more productively by tying into the uTest platform. Though the primary objective has always been to address the needs of the uTest testers and customers, an added benefit has been the interest and addition of new testers for uTest’s ever-expanding tester community. Johnston explained:

It’s only been available for a couple of days, but we’re seeing upwards of 20 new testers a day who are signing up through the iPhone and iPad apps, finding it in the iTunes store or reading about it in an article and coming to us through those applications as opposed to signing up through the Web interface. So we’ve been very pleasantly surprised that it’s been such a good thing for tester recruiting so quickly.

In less than two days, it’s been downloaded more than 500 times (with an even split between iPhone and iPad users), which is quite high for a specialized B2B application. For those 500 downloads, the app store has shown a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Johnston attributes this to the “in the wild” testing that was performed vs. lab testing. He elaborated:

In doing the four test cycles, we tested on four separate continents with a team varying between 10 and 20 people, and getting a lot of OS coverage and carrier coverage. It’s been battle tested as much as it can be, ahead of launch.

How does the uTest community like the new app? All reviews on the iPhone app were rated 4 or 5 stars with only positive comments. In looking at the comments on uTest’s blog, again, they were unanimously positive. If there was any dissatisfaction, it may be from those using other mobile platforms who are wondering when their favorite platform will be supported. However, even those who are without an iPhone or iPad are positive, sending kudos to uTest for their hard work.

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