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A guide to purchasing the right quality assurance software

The success of an app is tied to its quality. Quality assurance software ensures that the development and testing processes run smoothly and timely. This guide helps you decide which QA tools are right for you.


The quality of an application or software is as vital today as it has ever been. Most times, the quality of a product is perceived through a strong user experience, and ensuring a strong user experience begins with making sure a product works and works well. You can test a product to see if it works right, but what ensures that your testing process is correct? And if it's correct, what guarantees that process is being used every time it needs to be?

Quality assurance software manages and executes testing processes. It assists development teams with managing the development cycles of software and applications and provides metrics into how the product is running. Like all other software, quality assurance software comes in many different sizes and shapes and addresses different issues for companies in different situations. This buyer's guide helps you sort that out to make sure you have the right quality assurance tools.

The process to purchasing quality assurance software should be as assuring as the software you're procuring. This buyer's guide defines the buying process for you. Heeding expert Gerie Owen's advice for selecting the right quality assurance tools should mitigate the risk that comes along with such a buying decision. Follow along as she takes you through what quality assurance software is, when it's used, when your organization would use it and which software is best suited for your organization.

Mitigating risk, preventing bugs and defects, tracing requirements, and adjusting to Agile or DevOps methodologies are all circumstances in which quality assurance software would be of great use. But not all organizations are built and operated the same way. Knowing which situation you're in requires you to perform a needs analysis for your organization. Once the needs have been identified, only then can you truly identify if you need QA software and, if so, which vendor is the best fit.

1What is?-

Explaining quality assurance and quality assurance software

Before diving into what quality assurance software is right for your organization, here is a primer on what QA is and how QA software can help an organization.


Quality assurance software plays big role in enterprises

Not quite testing, but not ALM either, quality assurance is vital for the development lifecycle. Learn what QA is and how quality assurance software can help your enterprise. Continue Reading

2Do I need?-

Quality assurance software use cases

Quality assurance software ensures that the testing and development processes run smoothly and as they should. But when you need quality assurance tools is an important question to answer before purchasing quality assurance software. If you find yourself needing to mitigate risk, trying to implement a DevOps or Agile methodology, or tracing requirements and regulations, quality assurance tools might be the software you need to act.


Resolving process issues with quality assurance software

Risk mitigation and overlooked bugs are situations enterprises constantly find themselves in. Quality assurance software addresses these issues. Continue Reading

3How to buy-

Which quality assurance software to buy starts with an inward look at your company

To evaluate the myriad quality assurance tools available today, start by looking inward and performing a needs analysis on your organization. Revealing pain points, understanding the development methodologies utilized by your company and knowing what type of industry you create applications for help you determine which quality assurance software fits your organization.


Needs analysis determines QA and testing software direction

Performing a needs analysis and identifying pain points, methodologies and vision for the future can help you determine which QA and testing software fits your enterprise. Continue Reading

4Which should I buy?-

Connecting your QA needs with the right quality assurance software

Combining the use cases and the necessities derived from your needs analysis, this section covers which quality assurance software fits certain business scenarios best. Read more to find out which quality assurance tools are right for your organization.


What to know before buying QA and test management software

From company size to agile development methodology and regulatory compliance, different scenarios determine which QA software fits which organization. Which package fits you best? Continue Reading

5Top product overviews-

Quality assurance software breakdowns

Here are more in-depth looks of the quality assurance tools mentioned in part 4, designed to give you a better idea as to how these products would fit into your company's budget, corporate culture and workflow.


Clover: A code coverage tool that provides meaningful metrics

For organizations looking to augment their software quality assurance testing process, look no further than Atlassian's code coverage tool, Clover. Continue Reading


QAComplete: QA software for complex testing environments

The latest version of SmartBear's QA software, QAComplete, offers users reporting features and new integrations to ensure collaborative test case management even in complex environments. Continue Reading


Using qTest platform to employ enhanced test case management tools

With its suite of test planning, scheduling and managing programs, the QASymphony qTest platform is test management software tailored for the Agile methodology. Continue Reading


Examine HPE ALM and Quality Center test management tools

HPE ALM and Quality Center test management tools offer customers a set of interactive tools to help execute tests as well as target defects for quality assurance. Continue Reading


Smooth QA and test management with Silk Central

With a focus on collaboration, integration and flexibility, Micro Focus' Silk Central facilitates excellent quality assurance and test management. Continue Reading


Examine TestRail from Gurock: A quality assurance tool

Gurock's quality assurance and test management tool, TestRail, allows organizations to better keep track of software tests with its streamlined UI and flexible project structure. Continue Reading


Telerik Test Studio: QA software for Agile and CI businesses

Continuous integration support and seamless tester and developer collaboration are key highlights of Telerik Test Studio and QA software that align perfectly with Agile businesses. Continue Reading


Seapine TestTrack helps organize test case management

TestTrack from Seapine Software brings application lifecycle management and test case management tools together in one platform to aid enterprises with a range of DevOps projects. Continue Reading


Microsoft TFS is here for your QA and test management needs

Microsoft TFS offers organizations test management software, which integrates with Visual Studio to help improve communication when putting together software. Continue Reading


Work smart with Worksoft Certify and Analyze QA software

Customers are able to use both Worksoft Analyze and Worksoft Certify QA software for processing of documents, testing and helping application lifecycle management. Continue Reading

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