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Which APM tool is right for your organization?

There is a variety of APM software in the market today, all of which measure, monitor and manage app performance and data in different ways. This buyer's guide will show you which APM tool is right for your organization.


Is it application performance management or application performance monitoring? While it's widely debated what APM stands for these days, most can agree on one thing: an APM tool can provide businesses insight into an application's health and manage it like no other piece of software. While the definition of APM is up in the air, one thing is for sure: There's no shortage of APM tools. And that's where the problem lies. With so many options, how do you know which APM tool is the right one for you? This buyer's guide is designed to help you select the best APM software for your organization.

To make a sound decision, it's important to first know what you're buying. The first article of this guide dives into what application performance management is and presents the value of APM software and what it does.

The second article in this series presents several APM use cases. Cloud computing, a growing user base, mobile devices, service-level agreement (SLA) maintenance, geolocation, faster time to market, if any of those terms are ringing a bell, then it's a tell-tale sign that you need APM software. Has your business switched over to a more modern software that's running on virtual machines? Has your app taken off and is now collecting so much user data that you don't know what to do with it? Is there a new feature you'd like to add that changes the face of your app or your company? If you said yes to any of these, you may need APM software. Once the need is determined, the question then turns to: Which APM tool do you go with?

Part three of this series covers the main features of APM software that you should concern yourself with when considering purchasing an APM tool. Combining the information from parts two and three, part four delivers analysis and insight into which APM vendor fits common business scenarios, to help you see which APM tool is right for you. While the acronym "APM" may be vaguely used, this guide makes sure that there's nothing unclear about which APM tool is the best choice for your organization.

1What is?-

A primer on APM and APM software

Application performance management software observes and manages a range of aspects for applications. See what APM tools can measure, monitor and manage, and how they can benefit your organization.


What exactly does APM software do?

What is APM? This article explores the performance testing discipline and the value of APM software, which can diagnose issues, identify trends and provide real-time data. Continue Reading

2Do I need?-

When you need an APM tool

This article identifies common business scenarios in which organizations find themselves in need of APM software that not only can measure application performance, usage, data or back-end information, but manage them as well.


Common scenarios that may reveal a need for APM software

If your company has found itself or its user base growing or using cloud technology, you need APM software to provide usage statistics and determine SLA maintenance capabilities. Continue Reading

3How to buy-

The important features and aspects to consider when buying APM software

Every APM vendor offers a different take on their software, but there are core features that every APM tool should have and that every buyer should be aware of. This article covers those key features to help you fill out your request for proposals.


Procuring APM software? Consider these key factors

APM tools measure many aspects of an app's health. Reporting, stack visibility and scheduling are all key features to consider when procuring APM software for your enterprise. Continue Reading

4Which should I buy?-

Which APM tool is right for your business?

You've discerned that you need APM software. You know what features to look for. Now read about the different vendors out there and see which ones are right for you.


A comparison of today's top APM software

The size of your business, the data you want and need to collect, and the price you're willing to pay are all huge factors into which APM software you decide to buy. Continue Reading

5Top product overviews-

APM tools that can help your organization

Looking to reduce time to market or measure user experience? Maybe you need to address a growing user base and maintain SLAs. Or maybe you're just looking for context with your applications' data. Here are in-depth looks at the top APM products offered today that can perform those functions.


AppDynamics app management software focuses on collaboration

Collaboration tools like the virtual war room make the AppDynamics APM software suite optimal for enterprises using DevOps and Agile methods. Continue Reading


AppNeta delivers an APM tool suite including TraceView

The APM tool suite by AppNeta -- TraceView, PathView and FlowView -- allows clients to improve the user experience of their app by choosing what products fit their needs for DevOps or IT. Continue Reading


HPE delivers an APM software set with AppPulse

AppPulse APM tools from Hewlett Packard Enterprise let customers tackle issues through user tracking features, wielding detailed analytics along with online and phone support. Continue Reading


Dynatrace APM software provides context with data

Dynatrace APM software gives enterprises application performance management data to not only support IT needs, but help make sound business decisions. Continue Reading


Find a robust APM tool in SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA

With an emphasis on linking application performance data to business decisions, SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA is an APM tools for enterprises looking for context to their data. Continue Reading


Dell Foglight resolves app issues quickly and efficiently

Dell Foglight captures every user transaction to create full sets of data that IT, DevOps, development and business development employees use to monitor application health. Continue Reading


Unearthing details on New Relic APM

Application, database, availability and error monitoring are just a few of the main features that New Relic APM offers enterprises in search of application performance monitoring. Continue Reading


Sensu's service monitoring framework monitors app health

With the Sensu open source service monitoring framework, enterprises have a tool that can adapt to different infrastructure, availability and operation needs. Continue Reading


Riverbed SteelCentral traces transactions across all users

With a single-pane-of-glass approach, Riverbed SteelCentral -- an APM software -- lets enterprises manage application performance across the stack, on and off the cloud. Continue Reading


Examining the BMC TrueSight Operations Management suite

The BMC TrueSight Operations Management suite offers a plethora of tools and functions to help enterprises detect, triage and resolve issues across the development cycle. Continue Reading

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