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DeveloperWeek 2015: Dev techies unite in San Francisco

All development techies are flocking to DeveloperWeek 2015 in San Francisco. Get the latest news on mobile design, HTML 5, cloud development and more in this conference guide.


DeveloperWeek 2015, held in San Francisco, is set to be one of the largest tech events of the year. There are sessions, lessons and workshops focused on all new development-related software technologies like mobile design, JavaScript, HTML and more.

Get the latest news from the conference in this DevWeek 2015 conference guide. Check back often for updates, videos and techie news.

1The latest-

At DevWeek 2015

Get the latest news from the DevWeek in San Francisco. Find out what's happening in software developer news, interviews with the presenters and the most up to date tech ideas here.


Cultivating the API Economy

How can hacking be used to make better APIs? Find out the answer and get more API tips in this report from DeveloperWeek 2015. Continue Reading


Deep linking promises front end integration

At DeveloperWeek, software experts discussed how deep linking will improve integration between Web and mobile applications. Continue Reading


Working with Node.js at DeveloperWeek 2015

Developer advocate Jenny Tong discusses coding troublemaking with Node.js at DeveloperWeek 2015. Continue Reading

2APIs and containers-

Making it work

At DevWeek 2015, the attention will likely focus on application programming interfaces (APIs) and containers. Ensuring that APIs and containers work smoothly with each other is essential, and factoring in security and agility is commonsense. Find the latest on APIs and containers in this section.


Componentization growth spurs API security needs

Securing APIs is critical as componentization grows. Expert Tom Nolle suggests that an API's security attributes are as important as functional attributes. Continue Reading


Management tools and API innovation

Editor Jan Stafford presents the API handbook with insight on API innovations. Continue Reading


Managing a public API

Amy Reichert discusses how to overcome concerns of managing public APIs. Continue Reading


Advancing SOA agility with microservices

Learn about a new style of application development called microservices and how it is bringing Agile development to classic SOA services. Continue Reading


Cloud expectations for 2015

Contributor George Lawton spoke with many industry experts to discuss 2015 cloud predictions. Continue Reading


Cloud provisioning updates with AWS Lambda and Container Service

AWS Lambda could help IT replace wasted compute cycles without any compute resources needed to support it – a 'connective tissue' for AWS Services. Continue Reading


AWS re:Invent wish list

AWS users hope to get live migration support, simpler cloud billing and new Docker integration at re:Invent. Continue Reading

3Mobile activity-

Looking ahead with mobile

Another area of focus expected at DevWeek 2015 is mobile design and architecture. Plenty of technology news is expected in both the sessions and workshops. Take a look in this section at what has been happening in the last year in mobile applications, testing tools, requirements and more.


Top five mobile testing tools

This review of five mobile testing tools, Appium, Selendroid, ios-driver, Sauce Labs and Perfecto Mobile, will kick-start your research in a growing software market. Continue Reading


The expanding role of JavaScript

While originally a language confined just to the web browser, JavaScript has become a requirement for server-side developers as well, as its use in cloud based and mobile applications has become more prevalent and important than ever. Continue Reading


Optimizing mobile app performance

While many organizations have been developing mobile apps for years, making sure those apps are optimized in such a way that will improve performance is still a challenge. Here we look at seven simple ways organizations can optimize their mobile applications. Continue Reading


How's your mobile testing strategy?

Given the unpredictable nature of the way handheld devices will be used, organizations must ensure they employ a realistic mobile testing strategy, or face the reality that problems will be a reality after deployment. Continue Reading


Mobile testing criteria compilation talks to Martin Wrigley of the App Quality Alliance about smart practices and testing criteria for mobile app developers. Continue Reading


Requirements for building B2B mobile apps

Many factors must be considered when building mobile B2B apps. Take into account these must-have requirements. Continue Reading


Is cloud-based mobile IDE in your future?

With so many improvements in both cloud based technology and handheld devices, more and more developers want to develop in the same device they send texts with. Will 2015 be the year of the cloud-based, mobile IDE? Continue Reading

4Related conference coverage-

Reviewing trends

In 2014, TechTarget covered various conferences around the country on everything from Java to software testing. Find conference coverage from 2014 in this section to review what was trending and what is expected in the year to come.


At O’Reilly Fluent

Get the latest on Web platform technology from Fluent 2014. Continue Reading


Devoxx 2014

As Devoxx 2014 officially kicks off, Geertjan Wielenga is there to tell us exactly what's hot at this year's conference. As one might expect, the Java EE versus Spring debate never goes away, but this year is about so many more things, from Scala to Docker, than that. Continue Reading

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