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Guide to DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017

As industry and global experts come together at DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017, find out the latest news and trends with this conference guide.


November 2017 will mark the fourth year of the DevOps Enterprise Summit in San Francisco. Aimed at bringing large and complex organizations working with DevOps together with industry pundits and practitioners, the conference's theme this year is "Deep dive into DevOps."

For perspective, last year's conference had over 100 speakers and over 1,300 attendees who could choose from 75 different DevOps-related sessions. This year's conference sold out well before it began.

The DevOps Enterprise Summit (DOES) has six tracks for attendees to choose from: Architecture, Business Buy-In, Experience Report, Ops & Next Generation Leadership, Security & Compliance and Technology for Technology Leaders. Since the conference is focused on how large organizations have implemented DevOps -- and the challenges involved -- many of the tracks feature speakers talking firsthand about DevOps successes and failures. At DOES17, a wide range of industries are represented from government to banking, retail, insurance, healthcare, food services and entertainment.

The schedule reflects the challenges DevOps presents to large organizations around the world. From scaling to automation, DevOps requires sweeping cultural changes, as well as new tool sets. Collaboration, always a goal, is a necessity with DevOps, and finding ways to bring developers and operations people together -- not to mention security experts and the business side -- remains an enormous and ongoing challenge. Automation also remains a key but thorny challenge to organizations, whether it's in testing, deployment or production. Finally, new technologies, including AI and machine learning, continue to offer new possible solutions, but many bring challenges with them.

1The latest news-

At DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017

Get the latest news from the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017. Find out what industry experts and enterprise users are saying about AI, machine learning and DevOps tooling and methodologies.


Learn to manage unplanned work with illustrated book

If you spend all day on work in progress and end with more rather than less to do, check out Dominica DeGrandis' book on best practices and methods to diminish the madness. Continue Reading


Just do DevOps, like Nike

Many organizations struggle as they transition to DevOps. But it can be a challenge making DevOps work. Here we look at how Nike applied DevOps principles and made DevOps work for them. Continue Reading


Success of DevOps teams explained

At DOES 2017, Northrop Grumman explained how difficult it was to scale DevOps and why it required changes in everything from testing to training. George Lawton shares the story. Continue Reading


Getting sorted with DevOps pipeline tools

Enterprise IT shops have made sporadic forays into automation but now seek more mature DevOps pipeline practices with software that can make sense of it all. Continue Reading


Top DevOps experts talk trends at DOES17

DOES17 will offer a report card on how the development methodology is faring in the enterprise. Three speakers offer their views on what is working, what is not and where we're headed. Continue Reading


Make DevOps implementation easier with Applitools

The DevOps journey is well underway, but many obstacles remain. New products using artificial intelligence and machine learning are trying to make DevOps implementation simpler. Continue Reading

2Videos from the conference-

Taking a look at DOES17

Learn about creating resilient apps, how to clear DevOps pipelines and more about the latest improvements in DevOps. Check out a few videos from DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017 here.


Unmask IT operational risks for resilient apps

Sidney Dekker, a speaker on safety, illustrates the causes of failure in high-consequence domains and how IT organizations can banish them in this video.


Unclog DevOps pipelines with release engineering

If DevOps made code builds so much easier, why is it still so difficult to deploy to production? J. Paul Reed makes the case for release engineering in this video interview.


Deployment pipeline diagrams expose process and tech gaps

Does the specialized cloud dev sandbox cause a deployment headache? Should security teams vet code earlier in the pipeline? In this video, Gary Gruver shows what IT teams gain when they visualize code flow.


Make IT improvements that benefit the business, not just IT

Simple automation and high-visibility monitoring buff up IT but won't notably affect the grander business. Strive to make improvements with benefits that outreach IT.

3DOES16 takeaways-

At DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016

At DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016, industry giants like Target and American Airlines came together to discuss methods for DevOps best practices and potential pitfalls. Learn about what experts had to say about DevOps tooling, IT operations and how APIs fit into the enterprise puzzle.


Target talks delivery improvement with DevOps

At the 2016 DevOps Enterprise Summit, Target's Heather Mickman describes the many ways the adoption of DevOps processes improved software delivery. Continue Reading


The benefits of a DevOps transition at DOES16

At the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016, Tripwire founder Gene Kim stated his case on why every organization should embark upon a DevOps transition. Continue Reading


APIs and DevOps: Bridging the gap

Automation is the key to running error-free operations, which means well-designed APIs that give access to tasks are among the most important DevOps best practices. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Blurring IT lines with DevOps tooling

As DevOps matures, with the help of CI and CD tools, roles and responsibilities continue to shift. For developers, this evolution into DevOps culture provides an opportunity to gain perspective. Continue Reading


American Airlines talks DevOps best practices

There's no better time to institute DevOps best practices than during a broader disruption from a merger and spinoff, according to two large organizations, which tell their tales. Continue Reading


IT ops updated with DevOps collaboration

Large enterprises relate their journeys toward better DevOps collaboration, and why realigning their organization's processes and teams is as important as any new tool set. Continue Reading


DevOps empowers IT ops

DevOps empowers developers to shorten build time and release code to production faster, which achieves nothing without a feedback loop on how production absorbs that code. Continue Reading

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