product owner

Product owner is a scrum development role for a person who represents the business or user community and is responsible for working with the user group to determine what features will be in the product release.

As the liaison between the development team and customers, the product owner must collaborate closely with both groups to ensure there is a clear understanding of what features are needed in the product or application. Because there may be a variety of types of customers and users, the product owner must have a firm understanding of the business domain and the varying needs of different types of users.

The scrum sprint begins with a planning meeting in which the product owner conveys and prioritizes the requirements or features of the application to the development team . The product owner helps prioritize the user stories from the backlog so that the team knows which stories to work on during the scrum sprint. The product owner is responsible for answering any questions from the development team to help clarify any details as they are developing the application.

Scrum product owner responsibilities include:

  • Defining the features of the application.
  • Prioritizing features of the application.
  • Adjusting the features and priority as needed after each sprint or iteration.
  • Accepting or rejecting work results.
  • Keeping customers or users apprised of status and getting their feedback.




This was last updated in February 2012

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