Agile automation techniques answer the need for development speed

The best strategies for Agile automation testing

Agile automation is a very simple concept that can be very hard to achieve. At a time when companies are expected to release application updates daily -- if not hourly -- only Agile automation testing and other delivery steps can make that possible. Automation, however, is far from a simple matter; it requires not only a thorough understanding of the process from end to end, but also the right tools to support the process.

In other words, it's complicated. And that's why, up to now, a surprising number of companies have had little or no Agile automation testing. And those that do often have piecemeal automation efforts that aren't coordinated or widespread. And if you ask software testers why there isn't sufficient automation, they'll typically blame management for lack of understanding.

Management needs to take a big step back from the minutiae of software development and look at the overall environment with an eye toward continuous integration and delivery. With those processes firmly in place, Agile automation testing can move forward more easily. That's especially true for companies using an Agile development methodology.

Also examined in this handbook is a new category of scriptless testing tools that can dramatically speed the process of software delivery. Scriptless tools allow anyone in the software development lifecycle chain to create automated tests without any coding knowledge or experience. Just like low-code and no-code development platforms have empowered citizen developers, scriptless testing tools are poised to bring the same level of democratization into the testing arena.​