A DevOps primer: Start, improve and extend your DevOps teams

Last updated:October 2016

Editor's note

It seems like organizations were just really getting into their Agile groove when DevOps came along. From understanding what it is to actually doing it, we have you covered. At its heart, the idea behind DevOps teams is simple: Break down the walls between operations and development and create a fast, automated process that allows for the swift delivery of software.

It sounds good, but it certainly isn't simple to do. And there are lots of questions to answer. What's the difference between Lean and Agile and DevOps? Where did DevOps come from? How can we speak the same language? And why is DevOps a smart choice for cloud app development?

Those are just for starters. When you're up and running in a DevOps world, hurdles will remain. It's tough to know if you're doing it right, if you've chosen the proper tools and how to make DevOps teams work even more efficiently. It can be easy to slip back into the silo mentality, but there are some DevOps tips and tricks to avoid that.

Finally, even DevOps old timers need a reminder that the best way to improve your pipeline is by measuring, measuring and then measuring again. It sounds basic, but it was a shock to one DevOps evangelist who could not believe how few companies were actually taking advantage of the data to make continuous improvements. Also, we have advice on building your DevOps career and a look at how this new push is changing what software testers are being asked to do.

1Fine tune those DevOps skills

Getting started with DevOps teams is one thing, but making sure they are successful is another set of struggles. This section delves into how to avoid disaster, which tools to use and how to consider long-term DevOps goals.

2Winning with DevOps

Your enterprise has conquered getting DevOps rolling and keeping it in gear. What comes next? This section covers how best to deal with the constant changes with DevOps teams, where Agile fits in and what it takes to make DevOps a lasting career.