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A guide to working with Agile and DevOps methods


There are so many new variants of development methodologies that it's hard to keep them all straight, let alone choose the right fit. Agile has been around the longest, but with that longevity has come many changes and adaptations. And, to complicate matters further, now there's DevOps, the new flavor of the day. The two methodologies are so intertwined that it's tough to talk about one without the other.

Here we've gathered the latest thoughts on Agile and DevOps methods. It's important to take the temperature of both of these popular methodologies; Agile, although widely used, is seen in some quarters today as being less relevant than before, while DevOps methods are viewed as far more talked about than actually implemented. And for those wondering where Agile stops and DevOps starts, that question is addressed from a number of angles with conversations from speakers and attendees at the 2016 DevOps Enterprise Summit. By some accounts, DevOps is what Agile hoped to achieve but didn't. By others, without the cultural shifts Agile promoted, DevOps could not exist.

Of course, no matter what, it's important to decide which methodology is right for your organization. Expert Matthew Heusser looks in depth at the differences between Agile, DevOps and Lean, while columnist Christopher Ward walks you through what to do if there is an Agile vs. DevOps controversy in your organization.

And, finally, while you might be trying DevOps methods on for size, it's likely that at least some of your organization is continuing with Agile, so we've also included for advice on getting the most out of Agile estimations and other efforts.

1Agile and DevOps overview-

Deciding on a software methodology

Learn the differences between Lean, Agile and DevOps methods and decide for yourself which works best for your organization. This section covers what each method has to offer, the current state of Agile development and the latest news about the future of these strategies.


Room for Agile and DevOps improvement

Two new Agile and DevOps surveys show there is work to be done in order for companies to take full advantage of these development strategies. It's easier said than done. Continue Reading


Agile vs. Lean vs. DevOps

It's a confusing, jargon-filled world out there. Expert Christopher Ward brings clarity in part one of a series of articles on the differences between Lean, Agile and DevOps. Continue Reading


News from the Cloud Expo

Everyone wants to be Agile and do DevOps, but, of course, it's harder than it seems. Find out what industry experts will be talking about at Cloud Expo. Continue Reading


The status of the Agile development method

It sounds like a DevOps world out there, but attendees and speakers at Agile2016 believe the software development methodology has a long life ahead of it. Continue Reading


What does DevOps mean? Three experts respond

At the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2016, discussions focused on DevOps culture. Here's what executives from Electric Cloud and Hewlett Packard Enterprise have to say. Continue Reading


Can Agile and DevOps methods get along?

Expert Chris Ward explains why using Agile and DevOps together may seem ideal, but conflict arises when in practice. Continue Reading

2Making it work-

Advice for Agile and DevOps success

Experts Ward, Yvette Francino and Jenn Lent discuss strategies and techniques for Agile and DevOps. Get a better understanding of requirements gathering with DevOps, Agile estimation and the top six strategies for disciplined DevOps.


Six steps to disciplined DevOps delivery

If your Agile organization is heading down the DevOps path, there are key processes you will need to implement. Expert Yvette Francino lays out a plan to ensure disciplined DevOps. Continue Reading


What to do when requirements gathering and DevOps collide

Moving from Agile to DevOps? Requirements gathering is a great place to start rethinking and incorporating a high level of collaboration. Expert Christopher Ward explains. Continue Reading


How to do Agile estimation techniques right

To estimate or not to estimate is the question. And expert Jennifer Lent asks author Johanna Rothman for her best advice on estimating just enough to make the customer happy. Continue Reading


Using Agile IT service management for DevOps production

Shared tools and shared knowledge bring DevOps deeper into production, where it belongs, says Jayne Groll of the DevOps Institute. Continue Reading


DevOps adoption may transform Agile

Tasktop's Mik Kersten discusses how successful DevOps adoption projects often lead to large Agile transformations. Continue Reading


Why continuous integration may be the key to Agile and DevOps success

What is the key to getting both Agile and DevOps transformations right? It would appear that successfully implementing a system of continuous integration is key. Continue Reading

3Agile and DevOps terms-

Expand your Agile and DevOps vocabulary

Need a refresher on some software technology terms? Look no further for a digested list of commonly used jargon related to Agile and DevOps methods.

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