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Want satisfaction guaranteed? Add user experience to the design process


Just when you were starting to get comfortable with the speed and demands of modern application development, get ready for another shake up. It's all about the user now. Does the user interface work? How is the user experience? Is it truly easy to use? The answers to those questions can directly affect the bottom line. 

So busy developers and testers, if a UI or UX expert hasn't been working with you on your user experience design process, or development and test processes, he or she will be soon. And it will be a completely different experience than you've likely ever had.

For starters, you'll be adopting a different mindset and probably actually meeting with -- or observing -- real users to see how they interact with your application. Also, you'll need to "sweat the small stuff," as in the UX world, the devil really is in the details. This will fundamentally change your design process, as you'll be picturing that user so early and so often. And for those of you employing an Agile development methodology, well, that can be tricky, but it can be done. And finally testers, this will mean big changes for you as well. How do you test something with no obvious user interface?

The UX and UI juggernaut is coming, and there's no way to hide from it. Keep reading for advice, support, product picks, strategies and more. Do it right, and it will be the end of click aways and unhappy users.

1User experience development-

UX design and strategies

Interested in the user experience design process? Trying to figure out where to start with UX and UI design? From working with UX developers to framework design, mobile UI and more, find our best advice below.


User experience tips from Soasta expert

Keeping the user experience in mind while designing takes extra preparation. Expert Tammy Everts explains why some obvious UX mistakes continue to be repeated and be a problem. Continue Reading


Nineteen fixes for slow loading webpages

What can you do to speed bloated, slow-to-load Web pages? Expert Tammy Everts suggests 19 different ways to fix the problem. Continue Reading


How to collaborate with UX and UI design

Designing a user experience and coding the interface are different disciplines that depend on each other for success. Collaboration and a new generation of tools are critical. Continue Reading


Mobile app UI design helps hearts

Cardiovascular healthcare services provider Boston Heart Diagnostics turns to UX design and UI development on a Microsoft stack to make its cloud apps addictive to patients. Continue Reading


What is the difference between UI design and manual coding?

Is there a difference between using higher-level UI design software as opposed to manual coding? Perhaps it's as contrasting between Visio and a pencil. Kurt Marko offers his insight on what can you expect. Continue Reading


How to choose a UI development framework

Choosing a UI development framework is one of the most difficult decisions a software architect must make. Here are five things to look for when picking a development framework. Continue Reading


Mobile UI development: Planning is key

There is no such thing as over-planning when prepping for each stage of the mobile UI development. Jenner Lochridge discusses five areas to account for in advance. Continue Reading


UX development is critical in 2016

As a rapidly growing number of users demand access to enterprise apps, developers must think even harder about how they approach UI and UX. George Lawton explains what this means. Continue Reading


Why you should design for yourself

Not only do you have to design quickly, you have to design well. Enter UX experts who can help you design the perfect app for any user. It starts by thinking about yourself. Continue Reading

2UX testing-

UX and UI design testing

The user experience design process involves a different set of software testing skills. Experts share testing challenges, ideas and tips for moving into this new realm of UI and UX testing.


How drunk user testing changed UX research

Giving a drunken UI designer a user test changed HubSpot's UX research and UI design practices. The results were stunning, said UX designer Austin Knight at the Fluent Conference. Continue Reading


How are UX testing and software testing different?

UX testing is distinct from software product testing. Expert Gerie Owen explains how to bring the two sides closer together. Continue Reading


Focus on UX research with Indiegogo

Indiegogo UX pro Aga Bojko prioritizes her company's users and highlights the importance of user experience and understanding how to keep consumers satisfied. Continue Reading


UX and UI terms

Want a refresher on user experience terminology? Here is a list of related definitions that coincide with the user experience design process.


user interface (UI)

In information technology, the user interface (UI) is everything designed into an information device with which a person may interact. Continue Reading


mobile UI (mobile user interface)

A mobile UI is the user interface on a mobile device, usually including a touch screen display and all the other elements of the device that allow the user to interact with it. Continue Reading


clickjacking (user-interface or UI redressing and IFRAME overlay)

Clickjacking (also known as user-interface or UI redressing and IFRAME overlay) is an exploit in which malicious coding is hidden beneath apparently legitimate buttons or other clickable content on a website. Continue Reading


application program interface (API)

An application program interface (API) is code that allows two software programs to communicate with each other. Continue Reading


API management

API management is the process of overseeing application programming interfaces (APIs) in a secure, scalable environment. Continue Reading


digital user experience

Digital user experience (UX) refers to the look, feel and interaction of a user with digital environments. It goes beyond traditional web pages to encompass new digital form factors, including physical environments. Continue Reading


UIML (User Interface Markup Language)

UIML (User Interface Markup Language) is a descriptive language that lets you create a Web page that can be sent to any kind of interface device - for example, to a PC with a large display and a keyboard or to a "smart phone" with a tiny display and no keyboard. Continue Reading


GUI (graphical user interface)

A GUI (usually pronounced "GOO-ee") is a graphical (rather than purely textual) user interface to a computer. Continue Reading

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