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Agile 2013 Conference coverage


Find all the news, tips and blogs in this Agile 2013 Conference coverage page. Speakers from the conference have shared experiences and insights on Agile, software development and project management. Find news on topics that range from automated analytics to life lessons as a developer.

1Expert advice-

Advice from Agile 2013

Speakers at Agile 2013 are full of advice on software development, Agile and team-building skills. Get the latest news from what the keynotes are discussing at this year's Agile conference.


What to expect from Agile 2013

Get an idea of what keynote speakers will be discussing at Agile 2013. Continue Reading


Practical advice from Linda Rising

Linda Rising discusses what is in store next for the Agile mindset. Continue Reading


Speakers give advice to Agile leaders

Attendees receive thoughts about Agile 2013 and gets advice for Agile leaders from conference speakers. Continue Reading


How to build a software development team

Get advice from software development veteran Tim Lister in his keynote, "Forty Years of Trying to Play Well Together," this week in Nashville, Tenn. Continue Reading

2Software developments -

Software developments from Agile 2013

Get the latest lessons from software developer experts at Agile 2013. Speakers share their insights from several years of experience, from Agile to automated analytics.


How software developers help their countries

Abhi Nemani, chief of staff at Code for America, kicks off Agile 2013 by explaining how software developers help their countries in his opening keynote. Continue Reading


Life lessons from Agile QA Tim Lister

Tim Lister talks about his experiences as a QA developer in his keynote. Continue Reading


Agile development: Using automated analytics

At Agile 2013 in Nashville on Tuesday, Raziel Tabib recounts lessons learned while using HP Software. Continue Reading


Three ways to get to Agile DevOps

At Agile 2013, keynoter Gene Kim presents a framework for making changes in the application development and deployment process. Continue Reading


Research reveals software testing trends

Academic scientists unveiled new healthcare regulatory compliance software testing trends at Agile 2013. Continue Reading


Videos from Agile 2013

Click the thumbnails below to watch quick snippets from the exhibit hall at Agile 2013.


Baking cookies for fun and project management

Some exhibitors will go to great lengths to start meaningful conversations with potential clients and customers. Salient Solutions set up three tiny cookie ovens to draw in attendees and get them talking about Agile project management. The constant stream of tasty treats was just the icing on the cake.


The Agile enterprise needs Agile requirements models

A rep from Blueprint, a requirement modeling company, explains the difference between the Agile and Waterfall requirements-gathering processes.


Continuous integration means continuous testing?

An architect on the Chef project told us keeping up with the testing involved in continuous integration requires building an infrastructure that can spin up, automate tests, and spin itself down again.


Agile PPM tools from CA Technologies on display at Agile 2013

CA displayed lesser-known additions to their well-known Clarity PPM suite at Agile 2013. Representatives touted agility for the business.


"Agile Project Management for Dummies" author explains Scrum roadblocks

Behavioral sciences bring solid engineering concepts from the drawing board into actual development processes, according to Mark C. Layton.


Version control may be the first step to continuous delivery

Red Gate's continuous delivery tools keep databases in sync with their applications by helping them graduate from backups to full version control.

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