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All about Agile and ALM

The merging of Agile and ALM has garnered attention because of the complicated nature of both development methods. Learn about Agile ALM and how it can benefit business agility and application management.


The merging of Agile and ALM has garnered attention because of the complicated nature of both methods. Learn how Agile ALM tools differ from traditional toolsets, how to address security concerns and deployment management best practices.


Agile and ALM tools for business

With applications constantly being updated, tools and tool sets are ever-changing to accommodate them. Agile ALM tools are effective in project management and business agility. In this section, find out about the latest developments in tools for Agile application lifecycle management.


Agile ALM tools that are shaping business agility

Learn about Agile ALM tools that are helping to shape business agility. Continue Reading


The dark side of Agile ALM tools

Venders only discuss the benefits of using Agile ALM tools. Amy Reichert reveals the possible pitfalls. Continue Reading


Improving software quality with people

If your organization is working to improve the quality of its product, improving the process and dealing with the culture is more important than the tools of the trade. Continue Reading


TaskTop expert's tips for ALM

TaskTop expert gives advice on Agile development and application lifecycle management. Continue Reading


New ALM tool is the key to social coding

The key social coding ALM tool that will bring open source coding success to the enterprise might be the software lifecycle integration bus. Continue Reading


Agile ALM tools are not your traditional tools

Software consultant Nari Kannan describes the differences between Agile ALM tools and traditional lifecycle management tools. Continue Reading


Working with Agile and ALM

Getting a better understanding of Agile methods is key, especially when dealing with mobile apps, cloud computing and Web services. Learn about the different methodologies, software security measures and development and deployment of application management in this section.


Agile project management increases ALM flexibility for more business agility

Increase business agility capabilities with Agile project management. Find tips and tools for Agile ALM best practices. Continue Reading


An ALM and Agile marriage

Merging application lifecycle management and Agile can benefit organizational processes. Find out how. Continue Reading


Software safety during Agile development

Developers have adopted Agile methods to keep up with the pace of the market. At the same time, they are looking for ways to ensure that software stays healthy. Continue Reading


Conquering mobile ALM with Agile methods

ALM pro Howard Deiner advises an Agile approach to mobile application lifecycle management challenges. Continue Reading


Using ALM with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Using the Elastic Beanstalk, part of the AWS suite of products, can greatly simplify ALM tasks such as scaling, monitoring and provisioning. Continue Reading


PaaS: More than just application deployment and management

PaaS and cloud computing platforms have greatly simplified application management and deployment, but growth and survival means growing far beyond these humble beginnings. Continue Reading

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Glossary of terms

Need a refresher on what methodologies are what? Use this glossary of terms section to get a deeper understanding of some key terms. Also, find articles and tips within each definition to see what the experts are discussing.

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