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Developer shortage survival guide

Here's how to hire, train, or just be the dream developer of the future.


Here at SearchSoftwareQuality, we've felt your pain over the software developer shortage. We've heard about how tough it is to find anyone to hire, learned what new skills developers are going to be asked to have and wondered along with you about how this shortage will ever be resolved.

In this developer shortage survival guide, we're trying to help. Find out what successful companies have to do to hire, and why the dream developer is probably going to need some business experience. And finally, we'll tell you what governments, businesses and schools are doing to get more people coding.

1Developer shortage-

Software developer series

The software development industry is currently experiencing a lack of qualified workers. This section covers what kinds of developer skills are in demand, how developers can find the right training and what skill set will make for a dream developer in the future.


Intro to developer shortage series

Learn about the software developer shortage and the efforts being made to expand training and staffing in the industry. Continue Reading


How education can resolve the developer shortage

A worldwide shortage of coders has left employers scrambling, but smart software developer training strategies can help fill the gap. Continue Reading


Advice on hiring software developers

With a global software developer shortage predicted to get worse, hiring software developers has become very difficult. Get expert advice on what works. Continue Reading


How to become an in-demand developer

The hot software developer skills of the future might not involve as much coding as you think. Find out how you can be that in-demand dream developer. Continue Reading

Photo Story

Software developer trends from around the world

Coding is a good living, but the average software developer salary can vary widely depending on which country developers are in and what specialty they have. Continue Reading


What people are talking about

This video section goes right to the developers and asks directly about job functions, training skills and what the industry is buzzing about. Learn what it takes to get hired and what employers are expecting.


Re-think developer quality of life

In this video, Dominique DeGuzman discusses how industries may be responsible for the shortage in hiring software developers.


How to use recruiting tools for hiring

Survive the tech talent shortage by adopting self-managing systems and recruiting tools instead of only degree holders, Capgemini expert advises.


Java Pro discusses new role

In this video, learn about Bernard Mesa's transition to -- and role as -- a middleware engineer.

3In the industry-

Taking back the software development industry

Enterprises and developers are noticing trends within the industry. Some of those trends include a decrease in pay, lack of traditional education and transitions in defined roles. Get a better understanding of what is happening on the inside of the software industry.


The secrets to developing soft skills

Developers who can be customer-facing are in high demand today. Expert Bruce Tulgan explains developing soft skills for professionals in technical roles. Continue Reading


An insider's take on software developer salary in 2015

TechTarget's 2015 salary survey shows developers are mostly optimistic, content and challenged by new technology. Find out why software developer pay could stand to be increased. Continue Reading


Software developer resume must-haves

Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman explains why your software developer CV should incorporate the human factor. It's not enough to be a hot coder -- you need to include soft skills too. Continue Reading


How to build a collaborative software development team

At JavaOne, GitHub's Matthew McCullough will explain why the future is collaborative software development. It's not just about the one rock star any more. Continue Reading


The changing roles of developers and architects

At Gartner Catalyst, Kyle Hilgendorf discusses the changing roles of developers and architects and the competitive IaaS market. Continue Reading


How to hire software developers

Learn about the challenge of hiring and training developers to handle mobile, cloud, microservices and how to overcome them. Continue Reading


Tech salary slowdown

The salaries for software developers have been stagnating for the past 10 years and you should be mad about it. Learn why. Continue Reading


Training data analysts in changing

In this podcast, Robert McGrath, head of the University of New Hampshire's graduate program in analytics, discussed the current shortage of data analyst training programs. Continue Reading


The pressure to hire Java developers

To hire Java developers, Seattle software architect Rob Terpilowski has to compete against local heavyweights like Amazon. Continue Reading

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