Get ahead of the game: How to be a more technical tester

Last updated:March 2017

Editor's note

Times are changing rapidly for software testers, thanks to the move to DevOps and a nearly insatiable desire for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

The challenges are occurring on many fronts. First, more than in any other area in IT, software testers are afraid they'll be automated out of a job. That's a legitimate fear, given that the popular DevOps development methodology requires software testing automation in order to be fully and correctly implemented. If testing is largely automated, where does that leave the legions of manual testers? In some companies, manual testers have the opportunity for cross-training in areas like security and data science and might be able to reinvent themselves that way. Some companies are pushing testers to learn how to code -- a natural move for some, and vital because coding can be required for automation. But in many companies, it's clear testers are on their own to figure out how to fit into this new world order.

And that's why testers need to own their careers and their skills and spend time building both. Expert tester and contributor Matthew Heusser created a comprehensive and hands-on series on becoming a more technical tester. Following his step-by-step advice, testers can teach themselves new and valuable skills. Expert Amy Reichert took a different approach. She suggests becoming either ISTQB or ASTQB certified -- putting a stamp on your quality assurance (QA) career, in other words -- and she's created a series of stories to help you through the process. Testers, read on to learn how to really "lean in" to your careers.

1Tackle the technology

This series covers the variety of training options for becoming an improved technical tester. Find out about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and coding capabilities, and how best to prepare yourself for technical testing landscape.

2Get technical tester certified

As a developer, you know the steps that need to be taken to improve and quantify your experience. In this section, find some tips on how to organize, study and pass those imperative exams.