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Get ahead of the game: How to be a more technical tester


Times are changing rapidly for software testers, thanks to the move to DevOps and a nearly insatiable desire for continuous integration and continuous delivery.

The challenges are occurring on many fronts. First, more than in any other area in IT, software testers are afraid they'll be automated out of a job. That's a legitimate fear, given that the popular DevOps development methodology requires software testing automation in order to be fully and correctly implemented. If testing is largely automated, where does that leave the legions of manual testers? In some companies, manual testers have the opportunity for cross-training in areas like security and data science and might be able to reinvent themselves that way. Some companies are pushing testers to learn how to code -- a natural move for some, and vital because coding can be required for automation. But in many companies, it's clear testers are on their own to figure out how to fit into this new world order.

And that's why testers need to own their careers and their skills and spend time building both. Expert tester and contributor Matthew Heusser created a comprehensive and hands-on series on becoming a more technical tester. Following his step-by-step advice, testers can teach themselves new and valuable skills. Expert Amy Reichert took a different approach. She suggests becoming either ISTQB or ASTQB certified -- putting a stamp on your quality assurance (QA) career, in other words -- and she's created a series of stories to help you through the process. Testers, read on to learn how to really "lean in" to your careers.

1Technical testing updates-

The rapidly changing test landscape

The role of a software technical tester is rapidly changing. Do you know what to expect? Get a better understanding of where technical testing is heading, how it will impact your career and what you should plan for within the industry.


Look to data science for the future of software testing

In the rapidly changing world of software testing, one thing is certain: You're going to need new skills. And you're going to need to understand the business. Continue Reading


What do you need for your software testing career?

As companies move to BizDevOps, the role of software tester is going to change dramatically. Here's a look at what new skills and attitudes will be needed in the future. Continue Reading


Find out the results of the Harvey Nash Technology Survey

A recent survey by recruitment firm Harvey Nash reflects job security fears by software testers, developers and more because of advances in automation. Continue Reading

2Technical tester know-how-

Tackle the technology

This series covers the variety of training options for becoming an improved technical tester. Find out about HTML, CSS, JavaScript and coding capabilities, and how best to prepare yourself for technical testing landscape.


What you need to become a more technical tester

Want to be a better tester? It's not about coding, it's about reading the code. Expert Matthew Heusser takes you through the step-by-step process of setting up a Unix server. Continue Reading


Acquire the talent of a more technical tester

Technology is changing fast and your testing skills need to change, too. Expert Matt Heusser walks you through more advanced techniques in part two of his series. Continue Reading


Learn about HTML, CSS and JavaScript for more technical testing training

If you're ready to boost your testing skills, why not learn more about web development? Expert Matt Heusser walks you through HTML, CSS and JS to get you started. Continue Reading


How to code like a technical tester

Software testers are under increasing pressure to become more technical. Expert Matthew Heusser is back with another 'more technical tester' article on learning to code. Continue Reading

3Technical tester proficiency-

Get technical tester certified

As a developer, you know the steps that need to be taken to improve and quantify your experience. In this section, find some tips on how to organize, study and pass those imperative exams.


Want to advance your career? Get QA certified

If you're new to the field of quality assurance, you might find having QA certification helpful for career advancement. Continue Reading


Get started on ASTQB and ISTQB exam prep

If this is the year to build your software testing career, the ASTQB and ISTBQ certification tests might be a good idea. Expert Amy Reichert explains how to start preparing. Continue Reading


Learn how to ace the ISTQB exam

It's a big test, but if you break it down into smaller bits -- and study with a group -- it's much easier. Expert Amy Reichert explains prepping for the ASTQB/ISTQB exam. Continue Reading

4Technical tester terms-

Software technology glossary

As you descend into technical tester exam preparations, it might be helpful to review some software technology terms. This section covers the keywords related to business, development and operations software technology.

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