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Guide: How to hire software developers

If you're searching for a job or you're an enterprise looking to a hire software developers, this guide covers both sides of the spectrum. Find the latest trends in resumes, hiring needs and developer pay scales.


Trying to hire software developers can be a frustrating, laborious task. Trying to find work as a software developer can be equally challenging. But how come these two goals can't meet in the middle to resolve? This guide helps to settle the challenges that come with hiring qualified developers and ease the struggle for developers looking to ramp up their resumes.

1Hiring tactics-

Strategies to hire software developers

If your enterprise is looking to hire software developers, this section covers tips from experts on where to look and how to encourage a lasting career. If you're a developer looking for a work, find out what skills are needed, how to advance through training and an overview of software developers' salaries.


Find out how to hire the right software developers

With a global software developer shortage predicted to get worse, hiring software developers has become very difficult. Get expert advice on what works. Continue Reading


Looking at software developer pay in 2015

TechTarget's 2015 salary survey shows developers are mostly optimistic, content and challenged by new technology. Find out why software developer pay could stand to be increased. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Tips on hiring and retaining developers

The creative side of software development attracted Shalom Keynan to the profession. Now director of application development for Boston Heart Diagnostics, he is still fired up about improving patient care through software creation. Continue Reading


Java developers wanted in Seattle

To hire Java developers, Seattle software architect Rob Terpilowski has to compete against local heavyweights like Amazon. Continue Reading


Get security experience for a bigger paycheck

Developers are in short supply all around but those with security experience are particularly in need. Here's how you can move your career in a new direction. Continue Reading


Advancing a software engineer's career through advocating diversity

Software engineer February Keeney talks about her passion for promoting IT diversity. She shares hiring advice and her experiences in software engineering and project management. Continue Reading

Blog Post

How the software developer job has changed

It’s tempting to think of the worldwide software developer shortage as a chicken and egg problem. Is there too much demand? Are there too few people? Continue Reading


Software developer resumes: What is needed?

Burning Glass CEO Matt Sigelman explains why your software developer CV should incorporate the human factor. It's not enough to be a hot coder -- you need to include soft skills too. Continue Reading


Data analyst training is moving forward

In this podcast, Robert McGrath, head of the University of New Hampshire's graduate program in analytics, discussed the current shortage of data analyst training programs. Continue Reading

2Expert videos -

Software developers open up

Learn why recruiting tools can prevent against a tech talent shortage and how improving office life can benefit more than just the workers. Take cues on how to hire software developers from experts in these videos.


Use recruiting tools to avoid tech talent shortage

Survive the tech talent shortage by adopting self-managing systems and recruiting tools instead of only degree holders, Capgemini expert advises.


Change work life to hire software developers

In this video, Dominique DeGuzman discusses how industries may be responsible for the shortage in hiring software developers.

3Developer quiz-

Test your developer knowledge

Think you know all about how to hire a software developer? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on salaries, resumes and application development employment.

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It is true when it comes to hiring developers - there are always a lot of things coming up - a question of price? question of quality?