How to solve your TMI problem: Data science analytics to the rescue

Last updated:October 2016

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It can be troublesome trying to manage different sets of data and turn them into something valuable and worthwhile. How does a varying amount of information impact an enterprise? What bearing does it have on the role of a software developer? Here is where data science analytics comes into play.

This guide covers the gamut on data science analytics. Learn how other organizations have gotten their data flow down to, well, a science. Experts share experiences for overcoming near disasters and impart strategies for moving in the right direction.

Finally, concerned that becoming a data scientist is a waste of time? Think again. Data scientist topped Glassdoor's list for best jobs in 2016. Enterprises are on the lookout for developers with some data science analytics education. Learn why and how in this essential guide.

1What's in the role of a data scientist?

What does it take to become a data scientist? Learn why it is important to expand your development career and how to make that a possibility.

2Testing your data science analytics knowledge

Think you know about all of the trends in data science? Take this quiz and find out if there is more to learn in data science analytics.