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Making the Agile development model current again


Sometimes, it's really hard to be the earliest or the first. That's definitely the case with the Agile development model. When the Agile Manifesto was written over 16 years ago now, it was seen as fresh, modern and, most of all, doable. All these years later, it's looking a bit ragged and worn, and it's become clear it's not easily doable, at least at scale.

Last year, at Agile2016, frustrations with Agile's status caused some practitioners to go so far as to suggest it needed a new name. This year, at Agile2017 in Orlando, the frustrations continued but, this time, with a focus on the ways Agile has been diluted and eclipsed. The answers this year centered on a fresh start. Bring your Agile teams back to what they do best -- working together to solve a problem -- and try as hard as you can to get out of their way.

Now, instead of calling teams out for not doing Agile "the right way," companies were given marching orders to make Agile their own. And that means working with DevOps teams. After all, Dave West, CEO of, calls Agile and DevOps "salt and pepper because you can't have one without the other."

So, if you need a fresh view of Agile to ramp up your enterprise and your enthusiasm, look no further than what experts, practitioners and technologists suggest in order to make Agile work for you. Whether it's test automation, software design or empowering leadership, tried-and-true answers and advice from for the Agile development model are at hand.

1Agile development model today-

Discussion at Agile2017

At Agile2017, the current state of Agile was a hot topic. Is the Agile development model getting lost? Is there a future for Agile? And how does DevOps or BizDevOps work with Agile? This section digs deeper into resolving some concerns that were featured and discussed at Agile2017.


What Agile needs to do next

It's more than 16 years old now, but Agile still struggles to achieve broad enterprise adoption. Here's what Agile2017 speakers and attendees are suggesting for the future. Continue Reading


Why Agile users should focus on the end result

It's a DevOps world. So where does Agile fit in? Expert Jeffrey Hammond weighs in on the problems with Agile today and how to keep it relevant tomorrow. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Is Agile looking lost?

It's hard not to ask the "Is Agile still relevant?" question today. And it's harder to still to hear some of the answers, ranging from straight up "No" to "too much focus on process" to "they're ... Continue Reading

Blog Post

BizDevOps: The future of Agile?

It's easy to think every organization has DevOps on the corporate brain but in reality, interest in -- and commitment to -- Agile remains high, particularly in the enterprise space. Of course, that ... Continue Reading


Rumors of Agile demise are premature

It sounds like a DevOps world out there, but attendees and speakers at Agile2016 believe the software development methodology has a long life ahead of it. Continue Reading

2Agile problem solving-

Make Agile work for you

At Agile2017, discussion turned to dealing with today's Agile development model environment. Working with DevOps teams seems to be an essential goal for making Agile work. This section includes advice on using Agile for software design, mainframe testing, automation and reducing technical debt.


Why automation in Agile is still hard

Automation is a key feature of Agile and DevOps, but it remains elusive. A recent survey from LogiGear shows companies are making very slow progress on both automation and Agile. Continue Reading


Use Agile, DevOps to reduce technical debt

Learn five ways to reduce technical debt and the high cost of rework in Agile and DevOps software development. Five software pros share their best practices. Continue Reading


Bringing mainframe testing to Agile DevOps

Mainframes aren't going away, but experienced developers are increasingly hard to find. Compuware's new unit-testing product aims to make it easier to work on a mainframe. Continue Reading


At Agile2016: Software design thinking

With Agile, you can deliver products faster, but are they anything people actually want? Expert Kupe Kupersmith explains how to put the customer into the Agile process. Continue Reading

3Terms at Agile2017-

Defining Agile now

Discussions at Agile2017 included a few terms that probably weren't topical in past conferences. Find the latest Agile development model terms in this section.

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