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Mobile development guide: Testing, requirements and security

Mobile guide: Testing, requirements and security


Testing, requirements and security are all concerns for IT involved with the mobile development lifecycle. In this mobile guide, learn about QA testing, security measures, BYOD and mobile application lifecycles.

1Requirements and testing-

Mobile software testing and requirements require planning

What are the first steps when testing for mobile applications quality assurance? How does mobile testing differ from other software testing? Find the answers to these questions and more here in this mobile testing and requirements section.


QA testing: First mobile steps

Going mobile with software quality assurance testing is hard for teams used to Web/desktop apps. Matt Heusser offers ideas to jumpstart the process. Continue Reading


Requirements specs for mobile apps

Expert Scott Sehlhorst identifies three mobile app types and explains the unique challenges each poses around software requirement specifications. Continue Reading


Fixing broken processes for mobile apps

It's time to fix mobile performance management. We can't control connectivity, but we can architect, code and test the app for optimal performance. Continue Reading


Why code signing matters for mobile developers

Code signing creates a system of trust among mobile users, but it doesn't bolster the security of the app itself, says expert Dan Cornell. Continue Reading


Testing mobile app behavior

When an app loses its Wi-Fi connection, the best thing software pros can offer mobile users is graceful error handling. Here's how to test for it. Continue Reading


How does mobile app testing differ from software testing?

Mobile testing isn't the only big change shaking up the software lifecycle. The mobile planning and coding stages are also undergoing major shifts. Continue Reading


Building security into mobile connections

How secure is your mobile device? Is your Wi-Fi trustworthy? Learn what kinds of security threats are on the rise and how best to keep software secure in this mobile security section.


Software developers: Trusting Wi-Fi connections

Expert Dan Cornell explains how to ensure mobile apps behave securely -- even when they encounter untrusted Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections. Continue Reading


Early steps in threat modeling

Security expert Dan Cornell explains why the practice of threat modeling early in the software development cycle is crucial for mobile developers. Continue Reading


Do mobile users lack skills?

Conducting an unbiased analysis of the skill gap in user experience and interface design, Crystal Bedell finds enterprise mobile know-how lacking. Continue Reading


Mobile apps development: New threats to security

Two security experts get up on their soap box about the steps software teams should take to secure applications throughout the apps' lifecycle. Continue Reading

3Application development-

Creating usable mobile app dev lifecycles through teamwork

What does BYOD mean and what does it mean for mobile apps? How do software development teams work together? Find out about lifecycle development teams and processes in this section of our mobile development guide.


Mobile lifecycle teams: Where is the user experience?

Creating compelling mobile user experiences is forcing software teams to broaden their skills and integrate UX expertise into the mobile lifecycle. Continue Reading


Mobile app teams taking shape

Enterprise software groups redefine themselves as 'team mobile,' as apps for smart phones and tablets take precedence over Web and desktop projects. Continue Reading


BYOD means more mobile updates

Bring-your-own-device policies have profound implications for enterprise mobile release management. Can your team handle the constant updates? Continue Reading


Software development teams are going mobile

As software teams go mobile, the new way of working includes shorter lifecycles, continual software updates and one tester for every developer. Continue Reading


Managing mobile app development updates

ALM expert Kevin Parker explains a key challenge of mobile apps development: managing the constant updates these business-critical apps demand. Continue Reading


Mobile development: Tight release cycles

Mobile apps development projects require shorter release cycles. Kevin Parker explains how automation can help teams cope with the tight time frame. Continue Reading


Which comes first: Mobile or desktop apps?

Strategies that say mobile comes first give mobile apps priority over desktop apps. Some experts say mobile and desktop apps should coordinate. Continue Reading

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