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Next generation Agile: Guide to continuous development


Today's top trend with software development leaders is continuous development. Cloud infrastructure and mobile applications are still major aspects within the field. Read on to learn how these trends are changing the face of enterprise software development and what project managers can do to keep their teams on top.

1Continuous delivery-

The wave of continuous development in IT

Many of the advantages Agile holds over Waterfall boil down to shorter cycle times. Faster cycle times make working features available more quickly. Increased feedback improves quality. Restricting the scope of each deployment reduces risks. These advantages seem to magnify as the length of each iteration shrinks. Continuous development is the natural progression of iteration times shrinking into insignificance. Through heavy use of automation, flexible infrastructure and modular architecture, software development leaders have come to the point where each code change is its own deployment.

Check out the links below to learn more about continuous development, how it works and how to start your team on the path to continuously delivering business value.


Continuous development: What is it?

'Continuous development' is still a relatively new and confusing term. Find out what it means beyond the hype. Continue Reading


For disciplined development, mix Agile and continuous delivery

A QA engineer explains how he uses continuous delivery and Agile to ensure his online organization's success. Continue Reading


Software testers find change with continuous development

Continuous development calls for lots of automated testing and a little manual testing. Form a continuous testing plan based on the right balance between the two. Continue Reading


Avoid common pitfalls when integrating continuous delivery into ALM

Many companies are bringing processes like continuous development and continuous deployment to the forefront of the application lifecycle management (ALM) process. Here we look at common pitfalls organizations should avoid when taking a more continuous, Agile approach to software development. Continue Reading


Agile in the clouds

Virtualized infrastructure is an enormously important component in a successful software development organization. Manually provisioning environments is simply too slow and too error prone when compared with the available automated alternatives today. Virtualizing might mean renting from a major public cloud provider like AWS, or investing in your own private cloud. Either way, having the ability to quickly produce and configure development and testing environments that match production is a must.

Check out the articles in this section to learn about public and private cloud options, their benefits and challenges, and how to manage an Agile development team around them.


Planning for new projects with private cloud hardware

There are many considerations for building a private cloud, especially with a tight budget. Keep costs in check by carefully planning out hardware, capacity, storage and networking. Continue Reading


News on enterprise cloud migrations from AWS partner

2nd Watch manages enterprise workloads in AWS. Learn about trends and wish list items in this Q&A with the firm's new CEO. Continue Reading


How cloud apps can benefit from Agile

In this Agile 2014 session preview, a senior software consultant explains how cloud app development can benefit from Agile methodologies. Continue Reading


How Agile teams manage cloud projects

Learn the risks and benefits of managing cloud projects with Agile teams. Continue Reading


Networking blogs about Agile approach to development

This week, bloggers endorse the Agile approach to development and offer their reaction to VMware's new hybrid cloud service. Continue Reading


Success with public cloud

As the Financial Times migrates data workloads to the cloud, CTO John O'Donovan explains FT's cloud strategy Continue Reading


Best DevOps and cloud management tools

Vote for best DevOps and cloud management technology tool in the Modern Infrastructure Impact Awards. Continue Reading


How to move on from cloud deployment heartbreak

When it comes to cloud computing, there are no guarantees. Some cloud projects are destined to fail, but what matters is what you do to fix them. Continue Reading

3Mobile Agile-

Mobile and embedded Agile environments

Mobile and embedded applications may well be the biggest challenge facing software testers and quality engineers. Proliferation of new device types, form factors, firmware and OS versions, and native hardware all present new complications for testers. While mobile territory is still new and does require some innovative thinking, many of the old best practices are still the same. Large development organizations must balance the need for specialized skills in mobile applications with the danger of allowing mobile apps to develop in a separate silo from the rest of the enterprise applications.

Check out these articles to learn about the techniques and technologies that make mobile and embedded software a workable part of today's enterprise application landscape.


Agile best practices meets mobile app dev

The demand for mobile apps and how quickly those apps need to change is persuading some companies to embrace agile best practices. Continue Reading


How testers transition from Web to mobile apps

Test expert Matt Heusser offers a practical mobile testing tutorial for developers who are no longer beginners in the mobile space. Continue Reading


New silos with Web desktop moble apps

Separate teams that each focus on Web or desktop or mobile apps is creating new organizational silos that may cultivate future problems. Continue Reading


Making design choices as mobile and IoT apps collide

Many companies are exploring ways to maximize the benefits of mobile and IoT applications to enhance productivity. Continue Reading


Testing mobile app performance

Mobile app performance testing comes with unique challenges. Associate site editor Caroline de Lacvivier answers some FAQs to help you get started. Continue Reading


Using mobile and cloud for enterprise architectures

With the rising importance of mobile for executing new business services, many organizations are taking a closer look at developing better enterprise architectures for leveraging the cloud and back-end services. Continue Reading


Bring mobile apps offline with Alpha Anywhere

See what distinguishes Alpha Anywhere, a platform that allows developers to quickly create prototypes of potential new applications. Continue Reading

4Agile support-

Agile teams and Agile ALM

There's a very human face to today's Agile development trends. The tools and technology are great, but without the people and processes to put them to work, nothing gets done. There is no tool that can transform the corporate culture or instill a spirit of continuous improvement in the team. These are the challenges that project managers must meet head-on. ALM tools can help, but the real work is in getting development teams to engage with the new processes, to shape them and to be shaped by them.

Check out these articles to find out more about the Agile mind-set and managing an Agile lifecycle.


The whole-team Agile approach

Achieving a whole-team Agile approach is hard. Here's how one coach took unusual measures to get her team members talking, asking each other for help and tackling each issue as a team problem. Continue Reading


How to encourage an Agile mind-set

Transforming your organizational practices to Agile involves more than just changing your methodology. Continue Reading


Agile testing for multiple teams

Learn the latest Agile testing methods for converting multiple teams from a traditional process to Agile. Continue Reading


PayPal's big bang Agile transformation

PayPal's technology VP Kirsten Wolberg gives SearchCIO the facts, figures and philosophy behind a 'big bang' move to Agile that changed the way 510 cross-functional teams work. Included in the budget: $2 million to change out the furniture. Continue Reading


Agile ALM tools that shape business agility

Learn how Agile ALM tools can increase agility in businesses. Continue Reading


How Agile thrives in an ALM framework

Agile methods and an ALM framework can be mutually beneficial, rending ALM more flexible and Agile more disciplined. Continue Reading


How Agile project management increases business agility

Increase business agility capabilities with Agile project management. Find tips and tools for Agile ALM best practices. Continue Reading


How do Agile requirements gathering and Waterfall differ?

Does moving to Agile development eliminate up-front requirements gathering? Does it mean the development team takes responsibility for requirements instead of the business side? Continue Reading


Agile terms to know

Get a better understanding of how Agile relates to cloud computing, embedded software and mobile in this section. Find definitions related to continuous development and Agile methodologies here.

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