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STPCon Fall 2013 calls all software test professionals to Phoenix

Join our SearchSoftwareQuality team for the 2013 Software Test Professionals Conference this fall. Get the latest software testing news as it happens at the epicenter of this test professionals' seminar.


At the Software Test Professionals Conference Fall 2013, in Phoenix, software test professionals, including testers, test and QA managers and senior test professionals, have a chance to network and receive advanced education on software testing skills from experts in the field.

Our coverage of STPCon fall 2013 puts you at the center of the action where you'll learn about the trends and issues affecting software testing, including design processes, mobile application news and processing tools.

1Testing news-

What's new in software test strategy, design and process

The STPCon fall 2013 forums draw in all sorts of testing experts. Learn about the latest topics they’re discussing on testing strategies, risk management and testing design. Get a glimpse at what speakers have prepared for the conference and what the key take-aways are.


Test professionals will succeed with soft skills

At STPCon Fall 2013, the keynote speaker addressed how testing professionals can benefit from utilizing soft skills. Continue Reading


Using the scientific method to test software

At the Software Test Professionals Conference (STPCon) in Phoenix, Christin Weidemann will share her thoughts on using scientific principles to further software quality. Here's a preview of the tips she'll be giving. Continue Reading


Identify risks through software testing

Software leader Rex Black walks attendees through the process of risk-based testing at STPCon 2013. Continue Reading


Use a test execution model to improve software test results

Test-execution model and design practices help software professionals. Doug Hoffman explains how at STPCon fall 2013. Continue Reading

2Mobile testing-

Mobile application testing news

At STPCon 2013, there is an entire track focused on mobile development and mobile application testing. Find out what is being discussed, the latest in mobile testing tools and how experts are keeping up with the constant expansion of mobile developments in this section.


Tackling mobile device proliferation

Three STPCon speakers offer their insights on how to tackle mobile device proliferation issues. Continue Reading


Strategies for testing mobile apps

Learn about testing mobile apps using monitoring and user emulation from performance engineer Rebecca Clinard. Continue Reading


Getting software quality customer-focused

Customer-focused design is quickly outpacing 'inside-out' requirements. Learn how mobile apps are becoming more customer-focused. Continue Reading

3STPCon Spring 2013-

STPCon Spring news

What happened at the Spring 2013 Software Test Professionals Conference? What has changed since then? Take a look back at what was covered this past spring and what key topics were discussed at the conference.


STPCon Spring 2013: All about team leadership

Leadership and communication were among the important topics on the agenda at STP Con Spring 2013. Continue Reading


Gray box test on display

Agile expert Howard Deiner explains gray box testing and other important Extreme Programming techniques at STPCon. Continue Reading

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