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Why -- and how -- BizDevOps is going to change everything


What's in a name, anyway? Some call it DevOps 2.0, others BizDevOps, and the most ambitious and inclusive refer to it as BizDevSecTestOps, but by any name, it's going to dramatically change the way software is imagined, developed and released. BizDevOps will bring the business side, developers and operations people to the table at the very start and, unlike what happens today, they will all remain, at that same "table" throughout the entire process. All decisions about software will be decided with the business priorities in mind, thanks to a new generation of digital performance monitoring tools that will make it easy to pull the business, software and user metrics together in one place.

In a BizDevOps world, software developers will have clearer priorities and shorter backlogs, but fewer opportunities for creativity and autonomy. Artificial intelligence (AI) and low-code/no-code development platforms may also erode the "idea" of developer as time passes. At the same time, software testers, already under fire from a DevOps-born automation push, will face the biggest reinvention challenges of their lives. Those with business understanding, an interest in data science and openness to new experiences will fare the best.

BizDevOps is just the latest evolution in software development, and it can be hard to keep up with it all. Here you'll find expert advice, the latest news and product roundups, as well as all the relevant trends in everything from data science to low-code/no-code and AI development platforms.

1An intro to BizDevOps-

Getting to know BizDevOps

Learn why BizDevOps is considered the next generation of DevOps. Find out what it means to align business with development and operations and get expert advice on how best to make that happen. This section covers software testing changes, digital performance management and how to move beyond DevOps.

Blog Post

Gene Kim on BizDevOps

I was kind of afraid Gene Kim, the man behind the DevOps movement and a very in-demand speaker and consultant, would be offended when I asked him about the idea of BizDevOps, aka DevOps 2.0. But to ... Continue Reading


Getting started with BizDevOps

Want to succeed with BizDevOps? Start small, create empathy and always ask what Amazon would do. Here is road-tested advice from experts in the field. Continue Reading


Moving past DevOps

Want to develop software quickly and give customers exactly what they're asking for? BizDevOps brings business, developers and operations people together at every stage of the process. Continue Reading


How BizDevOps will change software testing

As companies move to BizDevOps, the role of software tester is going to change dramatically. Here's a look at what new skills and attitudes will be needed in the future. Continue Reading


How DevOps 2.0 will bring you back to your startup roots

BizDevOps can help an organization be more nimble and return to its startup-like roots. But expert Christopher Ward warns that there can also be downsides, like technical debt. Continue Reading

2Why less is more in coding-

Using no-code/low-code platforms

What do low-code/no-code tools have to do with BizDevOps? The introduction of these platforms is bringing development to the business side. Get a better understanding of why low-code/no-code platforms are garnering attention and how the enterprise could benefit from less coding.


Why the citizen developers makes sense for you

Low-code/no-code platforms are making it easier for nontraditional developers to create applications for internal and external use. And they're helping lessen the backlog, too. Continue Reading


The benefits of low-code/no-code tools

Once seen as a threat by IT, no-code/low-code tools are helping to reduce project backlogs and free up developers to work on other assignments. Continue Reading


Low-code/no-code is gaining popularity

Suddenly you don't have to code to program. The introduction of low-code/no-code platforms are bringing coding to the masses and showing the biz side how development really works. Continue Reading

Blog Post

Why you should accept that no-code/low-code tools are here to stay

Like it or not, no-code and low-code (I dub thee NCLC) application-development tools that allow line-of-business departments to navigate around IT's army of highly trained, expert analysts and ... Continue Reading

3Talking tools-

How APM fits into BizDevOps

Application performance management gives business, development and operations teams the information needed to make strategic decisions. BizDevOps is virtually impossible to accomplish successfully without APM tools. Learn how metrics come in handy, see how to pick the right tools for your enterprise and look at comparative APM software.


Working with digital performance management and BizDevOps

Speeding up a site's slow pages or an app's load times? You need data to know which to fix first based on business impact. Digital performance management is your new best friend. Continue Reading


Why you need to actually use DevOps metrics

Dynatrace performance advocate Andreas Grabner travels the world spreading the word about DevOps data. However, even he's surprised by how few companies are actually paying attention. Continue Reading

4BizDevOps careers-

Software developer/tester career trends

What does BizDevOps mean for the software developer's career? Could you be automated out of work? Get some expert advice about how to move away from code to more technical approaches. Find out what surveys are saying about the future workload of software developers.


Automated out of a job?

A recent survey by recruitment firm Harvey Nash reflects job security fears by software testers, developers and more because of advances in automation. Continue Reading


The latest from the Harvey Nash Tech Survey

Early results from a worldwide tech survey show no improvement in the developer shortage, and the same goes for increasing diversity. And we don't trust the websites we use. Continue Reading


Become a more technical tester

Want to be a better tester? It's not about coding, it's about reading the code. Expert Matthew Heusser takes you through the step-by-step process of setting up a Unix server. Continue Reading


Looking to Agile technical training programs

Learn how Akamai's Jessica McPeake is applying Agile development techniques to technical training programs. Continue Reading


Lessons on the DevOps journey

DevOps is a long method of small changes in culture and process. At DOES 2016, experts who are well along their way offer their best tips. Some may surprise you. Continue Reading

5BizDevOps glossary-

BizDevOps terms to know

What is BizDevOps and where did the term come from? Get a better understanding of the evolution of software development and the terms that are being used in this latest technology swing.

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