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Working with Enterprise ALM: Mobile, cloud and more

Learn the essentials of application lifecycle management. Get the latest information on cloud tools, enterprise ALM advice, mobile application updates, and development and governance processes in this guide.


With all the new software technology, enterprise ALM is ever-changing. Get the latest news, tips and expert answers from cloud to mobile ALM updates.

1Cloud ALM-

Cloud ALM: Tools and techniques

Planning to move to cloud computing? In this section, learn successful ways of securing cloud in the enterprise ALM process, the best cloud tools to use and how to utilize cloud environments with DevOps.


Using cloud tools to move to ALM

With no server to install and nothing to upgrade, converting to ALM with cloud tools seems perfect. So what's the catch? Continue Reading


Planning your cloud ALM project

Advice for cloud ALM projects: make sure that your test sandboxes cannot access production databases or other resources. Continue Reading


Securing cloud in the ALM process

Cloud security is an important factor in deployment and should be included in the ALM process. Continue Reading


Top three applications for successful cloud migrations

In the first of two parts, Tom Nolle discusses business considerations for identifying which applications will most benefit from cloud migrations. Continue Reading


Hybrid cloud environments with Agile and DevOps

Learn how best to build a hybrid cloud environment while combining Agile and DevOps. Continue Reading

2Mobile ALM approaches-

Mobile ALM strategies

What are the top mobile ALM challenges that industries face? What tips are there to surpass these challenges and utilize mobile capabilities properly? Find out in this mobile ALM strategies section.


Tight release cycles with mobile apps

Mobile apps development projects require shorter release cycles. Kevin Parker explains how automation can help teams cope with the tight time frame. Continue Reading


Three tips for doing mobile ALM right

Mobile application lifecycle management can be a challenge, so here are three expert tips to help solve those difficult mobile ALM challenges. Continue Reading


Top three mobile ALM challenges

Application lifecycle management is never easy, but the challenges of mobile make it additionally hard. Here we look at the top three challenges of doing enterprise mobile ALM. Continue Reading


ALM strategies: Mobile development comes first

While mobile development was once an afterthought, the new enterprise ALM (application lifecycle management) strategy is to put iPhone and Android application development first. Continue Reading


Moving apps out of production with mobile ALM

Moving applications out of production can be a mobile ALM challenge, but with these four tips, organizations will be minimizing the challenge of application decommissioning. Continue Reading

3Working with ALM-

ALM development, projects and processes

Find expert advice and tips on enterprise ALM development, governance, project management and processes. Learn about the latest ALM process tools, how to get business leaders involved in ALM projects and the future of applications.


SDLC and the future of ALM

Future application lifecycle management suites must support the increasingly complex SDLC process -- where constant software updates will be the norm. Continue Reading


Project management with ALM

Actually, application development veteran Kevin Parker says ALM is really a part of the APM process when you look at it from a distance. Continue Reading


Governance policies for ALM project managers

IT veteran Kevin Parker explains how enterprise ALM governance policies increase cooperation between business stakeholders, development and SQA. Continue Reading


Getting business leaders involved with ALM process

Getting business leaders to contribute to the ALM governance process is a must. IT veteran Kevin Parker gives his advice for project managers. Continue Reading


Virtual applications for ALM

Enterprise architecture coupled with ALM can be mutually beneficial in regards to virtual apps, making it easier to establish governance policies. Continue Reading


Tools for SOA ALM processes

To create a meaningful SOA ALM process, architects have to remember modern apps are increasingly using components. Continue Reading


Unified DevOps approach to ALM

Application lifecycle management often pits development against operations creating the need for a unified DevOps approach. Continue Reading

4ALM glossary-

ALM terms to know

There is an array of software development terminology used when discussing application lifecycle management. Brush up on your knowledge of terms or get a more in-depth definition in this ALM glossary.

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