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March 2012, Vol 1. Iss. 1

Trends in ALM: Requirements management tools

A strong application starts with gathering solid requirements, yet over and over again, industry surveys are showing that requirements management is one of the biggest challenges that organizations face. Colleen Frye reports in Agile, virtualization help with long-standing challenges: Requirements, no matter the methodology, continues to be a persistent problem for organizations, as does process improvement and testing. When asked which part of the application lifecycle their organizations have the most difficulty with, requirements gathering, followed by process improvement and software testing/QA, topped the list for the past two years. What are vendors doing about it? In this interview we talk to Forrester analyst Mary Gerush, author of the report, Right Tools. Write Requirements. Right On! SSQ: What top trends have you been seeing in requirements management tools, and why are these important? Mary Gerush: You mention RM tools, so I'm not sure if you are including requirements definition tools in that bucket, but I'll assume ...

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  • Trends in ALM: Requirements management tools

    by  Yvette Francino

    Requirements management continues to be a challenge to software development organizations, but tool vendors are working to address those challenges. In this interview with Forrester analyst Mary Gerush, we hear about five important ALM trends in requirements management tools and explore questions organizations may want to consider when selecting a requirements management tool.

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