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May 2012, Vol. 1 Iss. 2

Updating tools and processes key to overcoming SCM challenges

Software change and configuration management is an accepted part of the application lifecycle and is well established in most organizations. However, the use of outdated tools and processes is creating unnecessary challenges for many. If your organization is one of those that is struggling to reap the benefits of SCM, it may be time to look closely at the tools and processes you’re using to see if there’s room for improvement. According to, software configuration management (SCM) enables developers to “keep track of the source code, documentation, problems, changes requested and changes made” to software. When SCM is done well, organizations benefit from repeatability, traceability and auditability, says Stephen Berczuk, Engineer, Humedica. “Code is easier to reproduce and you have a more reproducible process. You have fewer people scratching their heads, wondering why something isn’t working,” he says. “People can move more quickly and be more predictable.” Challenges associated with SCM If the results of our 2011 ...

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