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December 2017, Vol. 5, No. 6

Discovering what DevOps means through help wanted ads

Help wanted: DevOps engineer. Try finding a universal job description for that position on LinkedIn or, and you might go down the same rabbit hole I did recently. Based on what I saw, it's not easy to define what a DevOps professional does. Perhaps that dilemma owes to the vague boundaries of exactly what DevOps means. How about part technical, part cultural and part utopian? So, you can forgive job recruiters if they're having a hard time describing DevOps positions that their companies want to fill. And there are certainly lots of those positions currently open. The upward trends for DevOps jobs are impressive, according to data amassed on Indeed. There were about three times as many job postings on Indeed seeking DevOps candidates in June 2017 compared to June 2014. These job postings increased by 50% alone in the six months from January to June 2017. Technical-based position wants 'CIA' In such a competitive market for job candidates, it's natural for hiring departments to put their best spin on a DevOps job. I ...

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