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December 2017, Vol. 5, No. 6

Gene Kim tells why we should all be on a DevOps journey

Three years ago, Gene Kim taught himself how to skateboard so he could spend more time with his three sons. He's proud of being a "40-something" skateboarder, and he's even conquered a RipStik caster board as well. But "don't overstate how good I am," he said emphatically. That neatly sums up his relationship with DevOps, too. Kim, a writer and speaker, is perhaps the best known face -- and voice -- associated with the popular software development methodology, but he's completely reluctant to declare any kind of ownership over the DevOps journey. "I'm uncomfortable with the credit," he acknowledged. "It goes against everything I believe." To be fair, Kim didn't actually invent the term DevOps, which was coined by Patrick Debois (the so-called DevOps Godfather) in June 2009 at a Velocity conference. But in 2010, at DevOps Days in Mountain View, Calif., Kim heard John Willis say IT operations was lost at sea, and DevOps was the lighthouse to bring it home. Something clicked at that moment, and it started Kim on his career as a "...

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