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December 2017, Vol. 5, No. 6

How a low-code platform can end application sprawl forever

A large American wireless communications company was in chaos -- too many internally developed applications, no processes, no way to track usage and no end to the complaints from users. The solution, a low-code platform, didn't involve IT or even traditionally trained software developers; rather, a team of four -- led by a music major, no less -- supports 45,000 happy and productive employees.  Admittedly, this scenario may seem like a fairy tale, but, in fact, versions of this very happy ending created by low-code platforms and DevOps principles are happening in large companies everywhere today. There's certainly irony here: Easy-to-use, low-code platforms could actually add to the app-sprawl chaos. Yet, warning signs abound for CIOs and IT departments not willing to change with the times. For starters, enterprises have created too many applications for employees. A Fortune 500 company could have upwards of 18,000 apps floating around, and a recent 451 Research study showed that nearly half of large companies had developed ...

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