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April 2017, Vol. 5, No. 2

Why understanding data science and AI will change everything

In a rapidly changing world filled with too much information, Tom Lounibos, CEO of Soasta Inc., has a simple, down-to-earth, one-word solution for his customers looking to make a digital transformation: practice. A one-time college baseball star drafted by the major leagues, Lounibos admitted he often turns to sports metaphors when talking about business solutions. "If you're making the move to playing pro ball, it's the same game, but everything is just so much faster," he explained. "So how do you get there? You watch the films, you hit the batting cage ... in other words, you practice." For companies looking to develop software like the pros -- Amazon, Netflix, Google -- practice is really all it takes -- sort of. Too bad there's no digital equivalent of a batting cage. Instead, customers have to rely on something that's far from simple: advanced software-monitoring solutions that track everything about software performance, usability and response rates. These platforms theoretically can let companies "practice" a design ...

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