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February 2014, Volume 2, Number 1

Building better acceptance tests: A look at the test-driven spaceship

While the average developer might think acceptance tests only measure quality, better acceptance tests actually result in better finished code. That is, according to Gil Zilberfeld -- a product manager for software test tools vendor Typemock. Zilberfeld holds that well-defined acceptance tests improve the quality of the code that passes them. His test-driven spaceship workshop is designed to teach developers how to build better acceptance tests, but studying the program can teach project managers how to improve acceptance tests and make developers more efficient. Zilberfeld actively speaks and writes about topics such as Agile and test-driven development. One of his most popular presentations is his workshop on test-driven development(TDD). During the workshop, participants embarks on a far reaching space-exploration that requires many small teams to work on several complex components to survive and thrive. Well, they won't actually leave the classroom. But still, planning a hypothetical project that involves propulsion, ...

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