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Amplify ordinary test case management tools with HPE Quality Center

HPE Quality Center provides DevOps teams with enhanced test management tools that aid with the planning, tracking and execution of testing tasks on their developed applications.

The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Quality Center is test management software offered as part of HPE's application lifecycle management, or ALM, suite. It is a tool for enterprises that are developing applications that lets them plan and coordinate the testing process and launch those applications efficiently.

How does HPE Quality Center supplement average test management software?

HPE Quality Center allows testing teams to compile data on the results of software tests in a centralized location. Test data used in the program can come from integration with third-party testing platforms, such as Telerik Test Studio or TestComplete Platform; the platform's own HPE Sprinter testing environment; or proprietary HPE software, such as Unified Functional Testing.

With large amounts of code being reported on during app testing, enterprises need a single location where test results can be reported and accessed by appropriate team members, and where any defects can be documented and addressed in an efficient manner. To this end, HPE Quality Center provides several features that enhance typical test case management tools to help ensure developed apps are launched bug-free and fully functional.

Quality Center software offers tools for test management and planning that allow users to create testing schedules and define testing procedures, as well as execute tests if their testing environment is integrated with the program or if they are using HPE Sprinter. When combined with the software's requirements management tools, users can establish specific guidelines that the application in question must conform to in order to be cleared for delivery or launch.

Quality Center from HPE provides users with configurable requirements templates that can be shared with all members of the DevOps team to ensure all members are coordinated and performing the proper tasks. Additionally, the software allows users to trace the relationships between requirements, testing processes and any discovered bugs to confirm that all facets of the test management process are aligned.

With HPE Quality Center's quality release and cycle management tools, enterprises can turn large testing cycles into multiple smaller ones to facilitate a faster project turnaround and ensure high test quality is maintained, especially in the case of potentially labor-intensive manual testing. Combined with the software's reporting dashboard, users can view real-time data on project statuses to see what areas of the application need to be addressed. And if -- or when -- testing initiatives identify a bug in the app, the software's defect management feature allows users to create test-specific bug reports and report them to the appropriate DevOps team members with associated requirements and test results.

Who benefits most from HPE Quality Center's enhanced test case management tools?

Organizations that are creating multiple applications or have a large focus on ALM in their development environment would benefit from using HPE Quality Center. Because of the extensive tools included in the software, as well as its focus on continuous integration and increasing the efficiency of testing projects, all members of DevOps teams, including development, testing and quality-assurance individuals or teams, would find it useful.

How is Quality Center from HPE licensed and priced?

HPE Quality Center Enterprise is offered as software as a service intended for use on the Microsoft Internet Explorer web browser, as well as on-premises software for use on Microsoft Windows or Linux operating systems. Extensions are available from Google and Mozilla to make the platform accessible on the Chrome and Firefox web browsers. Pricing and licensing information is only available by contacting HPE directly. HPE Quality Center Community Edition is available as a free download from HPE and can be accessed by up to five named users.

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