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AppNeta delivers an APM tool suite including TraceView

The APM tool suite by AppNeta -- TraceView, PathView and FlowView -- allows clients to improve the user experience of their app by choosing what products fit their needs for DevOps or IT.

AppNeta provides application performance management software for midsize to large companies. AppNeta has two APM tool suites that contain a combination of its four major products.

What is each AppNeta APM tool used for?

AppNeta has an operations-focused package of software called APM for DevOps. This suite is aimed at enterprises looking to gain insight and understand performance trends before issues have a negative impact on the user experience. By using the X-trace methodology, it offers a dashboard that visualizes data from transactions at every layer in the stack for up to 90 days. AppNeta's APM for DevOps provides metrics at the highest level -- such as Apdex score or average latency -- and at the ground level -- such as query arguments -- providing holistic reporting that removes the need for API calls. This suite is useful for developers and operations personnel who need to find bugs and fix them. The tools in this suite provide real-time user monitoring, back-end application server monitoring, network insight for communications between services and host monitoring. The tools in this suite measure performance, functionality and availability of Web apps designed with distributed architectures.

The first APM tool for DevOps, TraceView, monitors and optimizes distributed Web applications by tracing request latency across all layers of the application. It offers a single-pane-of-glass dashboard where users can see latency patterns, zoom in on trends-based performance and cross-correlate information between multiple sources. This tool identifies bottlenecks and can isolate code for further inspection. Customers can tie together code and infrastructure metrics with database, service and cache calls.

AppView Global is another APM tool for DevOps. It synthetically monitors Web applications. It replays scripts; creates custom workflows; and debugs issues down to specific JS, CSS or AJAX resources. Combined with TraceView, customers are able to begin with the resource waterfall chart and drill down to information on the back-end server with granular detail on any aspect of an app in any layer of the stack. Data is stored with high detail, five-minute checks for 30 days. AppView also can combine usage metrics from multiple areas to identify trends across geographically different locations. AppView Enterprise is also available in AppNeta's APM tool suite, APM for IT.

AppNeta APM for IT offers IT departments a single source of comprehensive performance data. APM for IT monitors the bandwidth consumption, CPU usage and overall network path of business-critical applications. It is composed of three tools from the AppNeta APM offering.

AppView Enterprise is included to give IT personnel the ability to monitor the end-user experience.

FlowView monitors application usage and its related bandwidth consumption and helps identify what applications are being used by the organization. When patterns change or usage changes, IT personnel are alerted to ensure prompt resolution. On top of monitoring apps developed in-house, FlowView also monitors apps that are software as a service (SaaS)-delivered or running in the cloud.  Applications are monitored in real-time, and information is collected with five-minute granularity and stored and compared with 90 days of historical data.

The third APM tool in AppNeta's APM for IT suite is PathView, which identifies and troubleshoots application issues across its entire network path. It offers visibility of an app's action across LAN and WAN networks and into any service or Web application, including infrastructure as a service, platform as a service and SaaS. Wi-Fi monitoring of the end user lets customers track employee or office guest connections. Its continuous monitoring gives one-minute granularity on incidents like latency, data loss and jitter for up to one year. Customers can create customizable SLAs and alerts. Diagnostics not only identify the cause root cause, but can also alert customers when SLAs are violated and quality of service is being honored. Diagnostics are automatically started when PathView sees an SLA violation -- allowing IT professionals to quickly understand where the problem lies.

How is each AppNeta APM tool priced?

Pricing is based on each individual product and reflects usage contexts. All products are available for trial. TraceView's basic package, Project, is free. This allows for one user instrumenting one application with up to five hosts and one hour of data. The premier package, TraceView Enterprise, allows for unlimited users and unlimited applications with 45 days of data base and an additional $29 for another 90 days. It is $119 per host per month with an annual contract and includes one AppView Global Monitor.

There are four packages for FlowView, with options for office and data center. FlowView office comes in at $248 a month and allows for 500 flows per second at a 1 Mbps analysis rate with an inline or span deployment, while including PathView as well. FlowView Small Datacenter starts at 5,000 flows per second with a 1 Gbps analysis rate and a 2x inline or span deployment. It also includes PathView and costs $938 a month.  

AppView also offers packages for the office and data center, as well as a global monitor deployment option. AppView Global is $39 per month with an annual contract. It consists of one Web monitor with global deployment at any quantity. AppView office packages start with SmallOffice, which includes 10 Web monitors (expandable to 25), Enterprise deployment and PathView for $338 per month. AppView data center options start with AppView Small Datacenter, which, at $938 per month, comes with 45 Web monitors (expandable to 50), Enterprise or Global deployment, and also includes PathView. 

Finally, PathView also offers various office and a data center options. The basic package, SmallOffice, is $149 a month and includes 10 WAN targets, 100 LAN targets, and Wi-Fi or 2x Wired LAN deployment. Data center packages start with Small Datacenter at $799 a month and offer 45 WAN targets, 100 LAN targets and 4x Wired LAN deployment.

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