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Examine TestRail from Gurock: A quality assurance tool

Gurock's quality assurance and test management tool, TestRail, allows organizations to better keep track of software tests with its streamlined UI and flexible project structure.

Gurock's TestRail is a quality assurance and test management tool that is used by development and QA teams to effectively manage, organize and track their software testing efforts. TestRail comes with many unique features, including a user interface that is easy to navigate, out-of-box integration with JIRA and other bug tracking software, full requirement traceability, comprehensive application program interface and test automation support, and unique reports such as time forecasts. With TestRail's flexible project structure, multiple teams can work in parallel, tracking milestones, active test runs and full test case history.

How does TestRail help development and QA teams?

TestRail supports both waterfall and Agile methodologies with its high-visibility three-pane view, which provides immediate high-level test status and details on the same screen. Collaboration features such as assigning test cases with comments and automated email updates as well as personal productivity features like individual to-do lists and flexible roles and permissions are of great value in organizations using Agile and continuous integration methodologies.

Gurock's TestRail provides integration with the leading defect management tools including JIRA, Bugzilla, FogBugz and many others. TestRail integrates with the leading Agile and continuous development tools including Rally, GitHub, Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio. In addition to many other integrations, TestRail integrates with Confluence for expanded reporting and collaboration capabilities. TestRail can be used with most platforms and operating systems including Linux, Windows and Mac.

How is TestRail licensed and priced?

Gurock's TestRail is a reasonably-priced, efficient and effective QA tool for improving quality. It offers complete test management functionality and collaboration features as well as strong reporting for clear visibility into test status and overall quality.

Gurock most recently released TestRail 5.0, which includes full integration for JIRA Server and JIRA Cloud to view and track linked TestRail test results, test cases and reports inside JIRA. Version 5.0 also includes new defect reports, options to view the status of linked requirements from external tools, as well as detailed section statistics for test runs and milestones.

Gurock offers both on-premises and cloud versions of TestRail. Both versions can be purchased directly from the vendor or through resellers. Licensing for both versions is on a per-user basis. Server licenses are offered on a named user model starting at $1,200 for five licenses with volume discounts for larger numbers of seats. All upgrades and unlimited technical support are included. Training and customizations can be purchased separately.

TestRail Cloud, the software as a service (SaaS) version of TestRail, is offered by monthly or annual subscription based on the number of users. Subscription fees start at $25 per month for one to 20 users with volume discounts for larger numbers of seats. The number of concurrent application program interface requests and the upload storage per user can be limited in the cloud subscription.

Gurock offers a 30-day free trial period including full functionality. All upgrades and unlimited technical support are included in the licensing fees for both the SaaS and on-premises products. Technical support includes phone, email and user forum access. Training and customizations can be purchased separately.

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