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Find a robust APM tool in SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA

With an emphasis on linking application performance data to business decisions, SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA is an APM tool for enterprises looking for context to their data.

SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA is an application performance management tool used for managing heterogeneous IT environments. The software helps enterprises measure application performance, detect and diagnose problems, and resolve performance issues according to business priority. It is scalable and capable of managing billions of transactions. It is classified under quality assurance and IT solutions. 

Who would use SAP's APM tool?

SAP Extended Diagnostics lets the CIO, vice president of IT and the SAP Basis operations team ensure best end-user experience while simultaneously reducing the total cost of operation. The product is horizontal in nature and is not geared toward any one particular industry, although it's most widely used by medium to large enterprises. It creates detailed reports and analyses to summarize performance data. SAP's application performance management (APM) tool monitors applications both in production and preproduction environments. Users of this software can prioritize issue resolutions with the linkage of performance issues and business transactions. That same linkage can aid IT organizations in identifying the root cause of an application issue and in implementing monitoring strategies to prevent issues from occurring in the first place.

What APM tools are in Extended Diagnostics' toolbox?

Operating on either Windows or Linux operating systems (OSes), SAP Extended Diagnostics offers a number of key features. It is easily incorporated into the SAP Solutions Manager for end-to-end diagnostics on SAP and third-party applications and is vetted by the SAP quality process. Its reporting tools offer enhanced reporting for insights into performance, helping IT departments comply with the terms of service-level agreements (SLAs). Software that summarizes information in the language of the business also helps IT departments become more efficient and collaborative. SAP Extended Diagnostics accumulates a wide range of historical performance data that tracks application health, availability, types of errors and alerts, response times, user errors, and end-user experience. Through the highly visual triage map, users can identify when and where issues occur. Along with the SAP Solutions Manager, SAP Extended Diagnostics is an APM tool that integrates with CA and third-party testing and service virtualization tools and is useful at any stage of the product lifecycle.

Two core components make up SAP Extended Diagnostics: Foundation and End User Performance Monitoring. Foundation monitors all business transactions through the IT infrastructure, measures responses and keeps track of SLAs. It conducts problem triage, diagnoses root causes and proactively configures alerts. End User Performance Monitoring helps customers understand their end users' experience; it also establishes SLAs.

The current version of SAP's APM tool offers some new functions and features. Deep Transaction Trace Visibility requires little to no configuration and can collect deep-call stack visibility in the customer's in-house-developed or third-party code libraries. Transaction Impact Monitor software passively monitors HTTP/HTTPS transactions. Application Triage Map Socket Groupings are configurable by IP range or port range and aid in simplifying the isolation and troubleshooting of a group of socket connections made to one or more back-end processes. Also new with this version is Java 7 support, including agents running in legacy mode and extensions such as IBM CICS Transactions Gateway, IBM WebSphere Application Server for z/OS, IBM Websphere Portal and CA SiteMinder. Smart Instrumentation provides the customer with automatic tracing, deep component visibility in snapshots and instrumentation level configuration. One-Click Role-Relevant Notification generates email notifications with contextual data. Also new in this version is support for PHP and chart improvements and support for dashboard widgets in the WebView user interface.

Licensing and pricing for SAP Extended Diagnostics by CA is done per core. It is typically sold as on premises directly from SAP, although it has also been provided by channel. SAP encourages potential customers to discuss potential cloud offerings, as well evaluation licensing, with an SAP account executive. Maintenance and support follows standard SAP contracts.

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