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HPE delivers an APM software set with AppPulse

AppPulse APM tools from HPE let customers tackle issues through user tracking features, wielding detailed analytics along with online and phone support.

AppPulse is a suite of application performance monitoring, or APM, software presented by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. It is comprised of AppPulse Mobile, AppPulse Diagnostics and AppPulse Active.

HPE AppPulse Mobile lets customers track the user experience of mobile apps while mobile teams receive data that help them prioritize issues impacting the most users and show the health of an app at a glance. It is composed of several key features.

Continuous measurement and tracking lets development teams or testers assess the user experience from everything users do and everywhere they go within the app. Detailed analytics allow customers to leverage mobile data with actionable insights to prioritize development efforts. The single user experience score allows for better visibility into the health of a mobile app, with the FunDex dashboard providing a top-level view of launch times, crashes, errors, resource usage and ways to explore the root causes of each issue.

The user flow feature funnels user interactions with a mobile app screen by screen and lets customers drill down to data to understand when and why users exited or abandoned the app so it can be optimized to increase engagement. It also boasts implementation that does not require the customer to change code, along with a self-service software as a service (SaaS) interface that reduces hardware and software installation and maintenance.

What is HPE AppPulse APM software used for?

HPE AppPulse Diagnostics is a performance and transaction analysis APM software that provides code-level visibility, allowing customers to solve performance issues at the transaction level. It supports Java, .NET and Python based apps, and provides visibility into code, database calls and third-party services. It is comprised of several key features.

A measurement feature gives development and test teams vital application performance analysis for in-depth troubleshooting and provides insight into transaction details, code and SQL statements. The isolate feature lets customers zoom into a particular end-user transaction and isolate issues to the level of host resource, Web service, module, line of code or SQL. The analyze feature detects deviations from normal behavior and guides customers into finding bugs and problems. Transaction tracing and analysis lets customers gain visibility into malfunctions through detailed server metrics and layer breakdown. AppPulse Diagnostics APM software also has predictive analytics that catch unexpected declines in typical user activity with algorithms that constantly adjust to how an app behaves. It lets customers avoid outages and examine the impact of anomalies. Finally, DevOps collaboration lets customers open defects, view build changes and collaborate, especially when in conjunction with HPE Agile Manager.

HPE AppPulse Active is a Web monitoring APM software for websites, mobile, Cloud and SaaS apps from the perspective of the end user. It can measure performance and availability before problems affect users and uses built in service level management to track Cloud and SaaS apps with a single click. It can predict service bottlenecks or interferences and uses synthetic transaction robots to simulate user sessions to ensure application availability and performance. Also, AppActive lets users leverage historical performance baselines to predict future issues with dynamic thresholds and automatic alerts. Fast setup and a user-friendly interface lets customers get started within minutes, with no agents to download or deploy.

How is HPE AppPulse APM software priced?

Each component of the AppPulse APM software suite offers different pricing and trials. AppPulse Mobile has a free, 30-day trial that runs with two applications and follows up to 25,000 users. At $99 per application per month, AppPulse Mobile Express lets users monitor up to 10,000 users on two applications, with 30 days of data retention and both online and phone support. AppPulse Premium, at $499 per application per month, gives users access to monitoring up to 25,000 users on up to two apps, with one year of data storage, open API, IT operations management integrations, HPE mobile center integration, and online and phone support. HPE also offers an Enterprise-level package for customers whose needs go beyond the Premium package; interested customers should contact HPE sales directly.

AppPulse Active offers a 30-day free trial with term duration of one month and the ability to monitor 20 data points per tenant. AppPulse Active is offered in two basic packages. The month-to-month package comes in at $25 per data point per month, with unlimited data points per tenant and online support. Flexible term offers similar services, but costs $19 per data point per month with both online and phone support and a six to 12-month term duration. Finally, HPE again offers Enterprise services for customers whose needs go beyond prebuilt package offerings.

AppPulse Diagnostics provides a free, 30-day trial. There is no other pricing information available at the time of this writing. Interested customers are encouraged to contact the HPE sales team directly.

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