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Zephyr test management tool a refreshing breeze for software testers

The Zephyr test management tool provides enterprises with the ability to execute manual and automated tests, and offers integrations with several other popular testing programs.

Zephyr test management software allows for efficient application development and lifecycle management projects by providing users with several enhanced code coverage features.

It lets enterprises more efficiently complete software projects by creating a single location for performing application tests and keeping track of the results. There are two versions of this product: one stand-alone instance and one that runs inside of JIRA.

How does Zephyr help streamline test case management?

Zephyr provides software test groups with a range of features for creating, executing and reporting on manual and automated testing initiatives. The test management software is scalable to, and simultaneously accessible by, hundreds of users, which makes it extremely useful for enterprises with large development and testing teams.

The Zephyr software also offers a real-time messaging tool that lets users communicate with individuals or entire teams on a global scale, helping to quickly resolve issues and keep projects moving with minimal downtime. Because large amounts of tests are performed before apps are deployed, a centralized location for managing and tracking all test-related information helps enterprises prevent duplicate work and ensures the overall enterprise testing strategy is followed and maintained.

The Zephyr test management tool's most beneficial features are its interactive test case creation and execution tools. The test case creation dashboard lets developers and testers plan, create and organize test cases, as well as import test cases from other third-party sources. Test cases can be fully customized with specific titles and test requirements based on the project's needs, including custom test sequences that allow executions to follow a designed or freestyle format. Users can also assign test cases to other users to carry out the required testing.

Once the execution stage is reached in the project, Zephyr can be used to perform manual tests or execute automated tests. For manual tests, users can utilize the program to update each step in the test case on a pass-or-fail basis, as well as include any information relevant to the step in a very visible "Notes" column. Once completed, the test results can be saved within the software and can be easily accessed by all users.

For automated tests, Zephyr can be easily integrated with automated testing tools through the use of Zephyr Bots -- ZBots for short -- and APIs. The ability to be used in conjunction with test automation programs makes the Zephyr software a great choice for organizations that already, or intend to, employ additional automated app testing tools as part of their testing approach. The Zephyr software can currently be integrated with test automation tools that include eggPlant Functional, Jenkins, Selenium and Unified Functional Testing.

When a test run uncovers a defect with the application, the Zephyr test management tool offers two-way integration with Bugzilla and JIRA bug-tracking tools. This integration lets users create new bug reports directly from within Zephyr during their manual test runs. This allows them to quickly document all necessary information related to the bug, while eliminating the need to switch between multiple programs and risk data-entry errors in the process. Users can also access real-time information on the status of bugs and their resolution efforts with these integrations, as well, further solidifying Zephyr's helpfulness in the overall app development process.

Who benefits from using the Zephyr test management tool?

Zephyr would be best used by enterprises that are looking for test management software that provides more than just basic code coverage tools. All development, testing and quality-assurance personnel would benefit from its implementation due to its user-friendly interface and easy dashboard navigation. Its built-in integrations with a number of third-party app testing tools and expandability via APIs further establish it as multipurpose testing software. With Zephyr for JIRA, JIRA users benefit from all the functions of Zephyr without having to move away from JIRA.

How is Zephyr licensed and priced?

The Zephyr test case management tool is available as the Enterprise Edition and as an add-on to the JIRA bug tracking software. The Enterprise Edition provides users with the full access to all of its features and is scalable based on organizational needs.

Pricing and licensing information is only available by contacting Zephyr directly. Zephyr for JIRA is available through the Atlassian Marketplace, and licenses can be purchased for 10 to 2,000 users at a monthly subscription rate.

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