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Jama Software delivers easy-to-use ALM tool

Jama Software provides agile enterprises a requirements management-focused ALM tool that promotes collaboration to speed up integration.

Jama application lifecycle management (ALM) is a cloud-based or on-premises platform for large-scale development projects using Java or JavaScript. It specializes in industries such as aerospace, healthcare, medical device manufacturing, automotive and government. Jama instances can be customized based on individual organizations' specifications. Whether cloud-based or on-premises, access to the Jama UI is exclusively through Web browsers Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. Jama Software recommends the Linux operating system for both on-premises and cloud-based deployments.

Jama Software's traceability and coverage tools let users track relationships between requirements, use cases, test cases, defects and other related items to maintain compliance. With a centralized Dashboard, the software's test management features compile and categorize test cases and plans, logging connection defects in real time so that users can monitor multiple stages and results simultaneously. Jama's Integration Hub, which is powered by Tasktop, connects with other tools and platforms like JIRA, Rally, VersionOne and HP Quality Center in order to streamline cross-collaboration among teams and synchronize data between applications.

Enterprise Reuse retains up to 85% of requirements with a centrally managed catalog of automatically updated reports, visible to teams across an organization; alternatively, teams can choose to branch from the catalog as needed. Coverage Explorer visually represents product coverage to determine whether compliance regulations are met; for instance, Coverage Explorer compiles test results to communicate pass/fail percentages and ratios, highlighting gaps in test coverage and flagging potentially impacted test cases.

Jama Software communication features include the Review Center, a module within Jama that captures feedback and correspondence from users and the ability to vote for priority, while providing the means to discuss, review and approve information -- formal approvals can be administered with electronic signatures. Jama's Purposeful Collaboration Stream is a record-keeping and communication feature that logs all correspondence between users, who can be recruited into chats through a directory of names and email addresses. Jama Software ALM supports only English.

Available for purchase directly from Jama Software in the U.S. or its European arm for all EU sales, the ALM suite is priced in three tiers. The standard tier -- $115 per user, per month -- includes the basic edition of Jama's ALM suite and is intended for small teams of 10 to 20 users. Features include named creator license, reviewer site license, Jama Integration Hub, a standard support package, eLearning license and secure cloud hosting. The enterprise tier -- $165 per user, per month -- is intended for 20 or more users and includes all standard features as well as 24-hour, 5-day support; unlimited access to eLearning; and access to the non-production sandbox. Enterprise on-premises -- $195 per user, per month -- is intended for 20 or more users and includes the same features as the enterprise tier.

Quotes can be requested through the Jama Software website and custom packages are available. For standard licenses, Jama Software provides support online or by phone during regular business hours. The enterprise tier includes 24-hour, 5-day support with access to global support staff for users working in multiple time zones.

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