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Mantis Bug Tracker helps developers manage defects

The MantisBT bug tracking software provides DevOps teams with an interactive database for reporting, detailing and collaborating on issues with software development projects.

The Mantis Bug Tracker open source bug tracking tool can be used to track the status of defects and changes or updates in ongoing software projects, like application development and deployment. It is extremely useful for organizations that have teams of developers or testers that need to keep track of bugs and fixes on multiple projects and that are looking to streamline the workflow processes across a large range of team members.

How does MantisBT support app testing?

The Mantis Bug Tracker (MantisBT) does not provide any tools for diagnosing or debugging developed applications or software, but what it does provide is a system for reporting, tracking and detailing defects and actions taken on the affected apps by developers and testers both predevelopment and post-development. To this end, the Mantis Bug Tracker provides users with several collaboration, notification, reporting and management features that help streamline and simplify the bug tracking process. These features help reduce deployment delays and help to prevent downtime once the app is launched.

The main feature of the MantisBT open source bug tracking software is its interactive tracking database that allows users to submit, update and edit bug reports. There are provisions for information such as title, summary, description, priority, severity, reproducibility, status and bug assignment. The Mantis Bug Tracker also lets users upload and attach images or other files to bug reports to provide additional information to the debugging initiative. The issue fields and workflows for individual bugs are also customizable depending on the needs of the particular debugging activities.

Mantis Bug Tracker also allows users to set up email notifications on bugs to alert those attached with the report of status changes or fixes, helping keep team members abreast of resolution efforts. The software also allows teams to establish role-based access to each bug in the system, which helps those involved in the fix stay on track of their assignment and prevent unnecessary or duplicate work. To further enhance the software's bug tracking capabilities, a number of plug-ins are offered by MantisBT.

Who benefits most from using MantisBT?

The Mantis Bug Tracker is best suited for organizations that plan to develop or launch one or more applications or software programs. Its user-friendly tracking database and email notification feature make it ideal for teams of developers and testers. It can be easily used by all DevOps personnel, no matter how large or small the staff member's involvement is in the bug tracking process.

How is Mantis Bug Tracker licensed and priced?

As noted, Mantis Bug Tracker is open source defect tracking software and, therefore, requires no monthly or annual fee for its use. MantisBT can be installed on site and run on Linux, Mac and Windows operating systems. It is also available as software as a service accessible from today's most popular web browsers. The MantisBT open source bug tracking software can be downloaded here.

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