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FogBugz bug tracking tool helps DevOps manage project issues

The FogBugz bug tracking tool offers DevOps teams an interactive and collaborative location for reporting and detailing defects and changes in a variety of software projects.

The FogBugz bug tracking tool from Fog Creek Software is a program that can be used to track the status of defects and changes or updates in ongoing software projects, such as application development and deployment. It is extremely useful for organizations that have teams of developers and testers who need to keep track of bugs and fixes on multiple projects, and are looking to streamline communications between team members.

How does the FogBugz bug tracking tool support app testing?

The FogBugz defect tracking tool does not provide any tools for diagnosing or manipulating developed applications, but what it does provide is a system for reporting, tracking, and detailing defects and actions taken on the apps by developers and testers both pre- and post-development. To this end, it provides users with a variety of collaboration, reporting and management features that help streamline and simplify the bug tracking process. These features help reduce deployment delays and help to prevent downtime once the app is launched.

The most useful -- and likely the most important -- feature of the FogBugz issue tracking tool is its interactive tracking spreadsheet that allows users to submit, update and edit bug reports. There are provisions for basic information, such as title, category, description, priority and status; and for enhanced information, such as report correspondent, repair-time estimate, version, parent case and subcases. The FogBugz defect tracking software also allows users to screenshot an identified software bug or defect, and then turn the captured image into a new bug report without the need to enter any additional details -- though the aforementioned information provisions are still accessible.

With the bug tracking software's project management and planning tools, organizations can schedule, track and review ongoing and completed debugging initiatives on all reports within the database. FogBugz's Iteration Planner tool helps teams in Agile or Scrum environments create workflow and planning structures that take into account sprints and existing backlogs. The defect tracking tool's Time Tracking Module provides teams with information on current time spent on a bug and estimated remaining time until the issue is resolved. The module also provides users with timesheet logs to keep track work logs, providing organizations with useful information on areas of concern, as well as future planning. And to help users document and access best practices information, the FogBugz bug tracking tool offers a Wiki Module that allows organizations to create, store and share technical and knowledge-based documents in one place.

The software also offers enhanced capabilities via integration with dozens of bug tracking-related tools and services. The FogBugz API allows users to develop their own integration with the programs they use or have developed themselves, and a list of programs and add-ons that mesh with the FogBugz bug tracking tool is available.

Who benefits most from using the FogBugz bug tracking software?

The bug tracking tool is best-suited for organizations that develop or launch one or more applications or software programs. It is ideal for teams of developers and testers because of its various built-in collaboration capabilities and its user-friendly tracking database. It can be easily used by all DevOps personnel no matter how large or small the staff member's involvement is in the defect bug tracking process.

How is the FogBugz bug tracking software licensed and priced?

The FogBugz bug tracking system is available as software as a service, accessible from today's most popular web browsers. It is also accessible on all Android, BlackBerry and iOS mobile devices. It is scalable from one to 500-plus users, making it a viable option for organizations with teams of all sizes. All subscriptions are offered annually and are priced according to the number of users. Information on pricing levels is available from Fog Creek. The tool's optional Time Tracking Module and Wiki Module can both be added to licenses at an additional per-module cost. FogBugz is free of charge for organizations intending to license it to two or fewer users, and a free seven-day trial of the software is available for all other use cases.

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